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  • The Star Bridge

    The star bridge, as an analysis tool, is a very useful representation of the. Wheatstone bridge the latter used in virtually all strain gage load cells. It affords the opportunity to make numerous calculations in a simpler. manner than when dealing with the same calculations on the Wheatstone

  • Bridge Sensing with the MCP6S2X PGAs

    Resistive sensors configured as Wheatstone bridges are primarily used to sense pressure, temperature or loads. An external A/D converter (ADC) and a digitally Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) can easily be used to convert the difference voltage from these resistor bridge sensors to usable digital

  • AN117 Basic Bridge Circuits

    the internet, which contains thousands of sites dedicated to such details. In addition, readers are encouraged to examine Dataforth's complete line of Signal Conditioning Modules (SCMs) dedicated to strain gage bridge applications, Reference 1. Microsoft Word - AN117-Bridges-Final-040205-ghw-wg-gwh.doc


    NY Route 8 Bridge before move. Lateral roll chosen. because bridge was structurally sound as well as. being the quicker and cheaper means to an end. ./085b94cb-3101-47dd-9b07-f7d613a41140 LATERAL BRIDGE ROLL NY. Route 8 Bridge, Hudson River, New York USA. 2001. 4) Channel Prepared. Channel

  • ECDIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge

    The marine industry's mandated transition to the Electronic Charts Display and Information System is a revolutionary development in ships' bridge systems. In this white paper, we show you how technological advances are aiding in modularization of bridge systems, and particularly how a new technique


    This "fast-track" project replaced concrete bridge. segments of the connecting ramps leading to the. Williamsburg Bridge - a vital link between. Brooklyn and Manhattan, in New York City. The. contractor utilized two carts equipped with a pair of. modified 15-OT Hilman Rollers utilizing Accu-Roll

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  • Re: Grid Connected PV System

    dear umer i am an automation engineer ,after the googling i got the information which i will like to share with you. Operating a renewable energy system in parallel with an electric grid requires special grid-interactive orgrid tie inverters (GTI). The power processing circuits of a GTI are simil...

  • Consistent Blown Fuses

    CONSISTENT BLOWN FUSES I am tasked to repair a PCB card for an old transducer box without the schematic diagram. Problem: The fast blow 1A fuse in the card keeps blowing off. After tracing part of the circuitry on the card, I deduced that it was a power supply card with two dc outputs,...

  • Re: Tmote for PWM

    Thanks for the responses. I'm trying to get some working knowledge of this, and every place I look either shows an h-bridge some hobbyist made, or h-bridge schematics. So, I could output an analog voltage signal from the mote, and the h-bridge would use that signal? Can I use encod...

  • Re: Grid-Tie Inverter Design

    Hello, I'm building a grid-tie inverter of my own. I have yet to prototype the unit but if the specs of the components I'm using on my design are any indicator, my unit shall have the following specs... Voltage = 120VAC Peak Apparent Power = 2400VA Peak Current = 20A Duty =...

  • Re: Does This Circuit Make Sense for Variable Voltage to Constant Voltage?

    I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. I think you need to consider where the power rails are connected to the various elements of the circuit. What is a bridge rectifier with only two terminals? Try using a free schematic capture package like the one included with LTspice:- http://w...

  • Re: Operational Amplifier

    One last comment until a response from the OP provides us some feedback. There is always the possibility that what you have actually built is not what your schematic or working theory intended. A vast number of possible slips fit this category. A poor solder connection, solder bridge, defective part...

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  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

  • Acrow fornisce un nuovo ponte a Glen Cannich nella regione delle Highland scozzesi

    PARSIPPANY, New Jersey--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acrow Bridge, societ? internazionale leader nel settore della progettazione e fornitura di ponti, ha annunciato l''apertura avvenuta con successo di un ponte fornito recentemente al cliente Retro Bridge e all''appaltatore McGregor Construction per The Highland Council in Scozia in sostituzione del Muchrachd Bridge a Glen Cannich, nelle vicinanze di Inverness. Il nuovo ponte ? una struttura di 120 tonnellate, lunga 52 metri, ad arcata unica di acciaio modul

  • Acrow levert nieuwe brug naar Glen Cannich in de Schotse Hooglanden

    PARSIPPANY, New Jersey--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acrow Bridge, een vooraanstaande internationale ontwerper en leverancier van bruggen, heeft vandaag de opening bekendgemaakt van een brug die het bedrijf onlangs heeft geleverd aan haar cli?nt Retro Bridge en aannemer McGregor Construction voor The Highland Council in Schotland ter vervanging van de Muchrachd Bridge in Glen Cannich, niet ver van Inverness. De nieuwe brug is een eendelige structuur van 52 meter lang met een gewicht van 120 ton, gemaakt va

  • Acrow liefert neue Br?cke f?r Glen Cannich in den schottischen Highlands

    PARSIPPANY, New Jersey--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acrow Bridge, ein f?hrendes internationales Unternehmen f?r den Bau und die Lieferung von Br?cken, meldet die erfolgreiche Er?ffnung einer Br?cke, die das Unternehmen k?rzlich an seinen Kunden Retro Bridge und den Generalunternehmer McGregor Construction f?r den Highland Council in Schottland ausgeliefert hat. Sie ersetzt die Muchrachd Bridge in Glen Cannich in der N?he von Inverness. Die neue Br?cke besteht aus einer einfeldrigen, vorgefertigten Stahlko

  • Acrow Supplies New Bridge to Glen Cannich in the Highland Region of Scotland

    PARSIPPANY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acrow Supplies New Bridge to Glen Cannich in the Highland Region of Scotland

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North Hills Signal Processing Corp.
Longitudinal Balance Measurement Bridges

LBB Series- Longitudinal Balance Measurement Bridges. Series LBB Longitudinal Balance Bridges are designed measure balance to ground of balanced systems, cables and components per ITU-T Recommendation O.9. *North Hills Application Note 156 - "Measurement of Conversion Loss in Balanced Systems" provides further information on the subject of Balance to Ground and techniques for its measurement. Interfaced with a 50 ohm or 75 ohm Network Analyzer, LBB bridges measure the ratio of a common mode...

RDP Electrosense
RDP Transducers Monitor Bridges in all Weather

RDP Transducers Monitor Bridges in all Weather. RDP's LVDT Displacement Transducers are frequently used to measure movements in the structure of bridges caused by the weight of traffic, environmental conditions and other factors. Higher traffic loads and corrosion can lead to increased strain in bridge components, such as suspension cable fixing points. It is important for engineers to understand movements and loads imposed on the structure in order to predict potential problems and to maximise...

Argent International, Inc.
Bridge-it ™

Argent's Bridge-it ™ spacer system provides a versatile array of modular fastening Solutions. Bridge-it ™ was developed to simplify automotive interior attachment by bridging gaps between mating components like headliners and door-panels, which can present engineers with a variety of fastening and fitment challenges throughout the design process. Bridge-it ™ addresses these challenges through a versatile array of fast, simple, and inexpensive fastening solutions. U.S. Patent...