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  • Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method
    the so-called Airy disk, which is the central bright. system. The system consists of two stacks of XYZ stages. spot of the diffraction pattern. Based on the Airy pattern,. and a center post, installed on an optical isolation table. it is possible to determine the theoretical limit on the. On the input stage
  • Medical Device Link .
    slated for testing on the Microsystem include PEEK, PPS, and liquid crystal polymers. "Metal injection molding applications are also on the schedule," adds Ganz. "So you see, there are many potential medical device applications using this system." One application for which Ganz sees a bright future
  • MICRO: Product Technology News (October 2000)
    009;Highly stable Eclipse L200 and L200D IC-inspection microscopes incorporate patented CFI optics for clear images, high contrast, and minimal flare. Long working distances and high numerical apertures are possible even at the extremes of magnification, providing bright images with good edge
  • MICRO: Manufacturing Effectiveness
    challenges facing defect and lithography metrology at future technology nodes. In addition to describing patterned-wafer defect-detection tools, it compares state-of the-art equipment to requirements and explores future directions. Finally, it explores both CD and overlay metrology. Bright-field, dark-field
  • Medical Device Link .
    , particles of 1 nm diameter would be virtually impossible to see, no matter how many had accumulated, because 1-nm particles do not have the bright red color of the larger sizes. It is not until particles reach 20 nm that a worthwhile signal can be seen. Steric hindrance becomes a problem
  • Basics in Microscopy
    with mercury burner. A prerequisite for achieving bright and homogeneous excitation is the correct centering and alignment of the bulb inside the housing. This video tutorial presents an easy-to-copy way to align the mercury bulb in a fluorescence lamp housing. Basics in Microscopy Aug 20, 2012
  • Medical Device Link .
    workstation, network gateway modules, and industrial camera enclosures. Cognex UK, Milton Keynes, UK. Laboratory microscope An upright compound microscope features infinitely corrected optics with bright field, phase contrast, dark ground, and polarizing contrast options. The instrument is designed
  • Medical Device Link .
    include bright field and dark field in both video and laser confocal imaging modes. Olympus Industrial America Inc., Orangeburg, NY Force gauges. Featuring a 100-Hz update rate, a series of force gauges capture high force peaks when testing sutures, puncture and blister

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