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  • Improved Method for CO2 Measurements
    Brix/CO2 system and low. Figure 3: Repeatability r95 of CO analysers. 2. level CO2 content in wine using. a non-destructive lab-based CO2. analyzer. The TC CO2 sensors. offer a number of benefits: – Measurement of CO2 is. unaffected by other gases,. improving accuracy and. confirming customer product
  • Non-destructive measurement of moisture and soluble solids content of Mazafati date
    . 46.20-85.71. 66.28. 13.58. 20.49. SSC (°Brix) Calibration/leave one out CV. 120. 9.2-44.0. 25.0. 10.7. 42.9. Test set validation. 40. 10.4-44.4. 25.9. 10.6. 40.8. even in the Kimri stage when moisture content is more. than 80%. At present, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. represents a non-destructive
  • A QuEChERS Strategy for Juice Concentrates with Unkown Properties Analyzed by GC/MS/MS
    textures depending on the. juice concentrates: Provided by a worldwide beverage company with. unknown sample properties (no information on. concentration factor. Optimization of QuEChERS sample. concentration factors, origin, peel content, brix,. preparation is needed to account for these problematic