Products/Services for Broadband Incident Radiation

  • Solar Radiation Instruments-Image
    Solar Radiation Instruments - (62 companies)
    ...upon the type of solar radiation they intend to measure. Pyranometers. Pyranometers measure hemispherical solar irradiance, or broadband solar radiation within a 180-degree field of view; this may be considered the global solar radiation of a given...
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  • Laser Protective Eyewear-Image
    Laser Protective Eyewear - (48 companies)
    Laser protective eyewear includes glasses and goggles designed to filter out harmful radiation from lasers. If left unprotected, the human eye can be damaged permanently from direct or reflected laser beams and radiation. Laser protective eyewear...
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  • Waveplates and Retardation Plates-Image
    Waveplates and Retardation Plates - (75 companies)
    Waveplates and retardation plates are optical elements with two principal axes, one slow and one fast, which resolve an incident polarized beam into two mutually perpendicular polarized beams. The emerging beam recombines to form Waveplates...
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  • Radiation Detectors-Image
    Radiation Detectors - (205 companies)
    Radiation detectors are used for medical diagnoses, radioactive dating measurements, and measurements of background radiation, activity levels and radiation doses. Radiation detectors are devices used to detect, track, and identify ionized radiation...
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  • Radiation Shielding-Image
    Radiation Shielding - (71 companies)
    Radiation shielding is used to block or attenuate the intensity of alpha particles (helium atoms), beta particles (electrons), X-ray radiation, and gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation). It reduces the intensity of incident radiation...
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    Antennas - (1103 companies)
    ...and radiation characteristics that are regularly repetitive as a logarithmic function of the excitation frequency. The length and spacing of the elements of log periodic antennas increase logarithmically from one end to the other. Log periodic...
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    Radiation Curable Coatings - (31 companies)
    Radiation curable coatings are cured through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light or electron beam (EB) irradiation. They provide rapid processing compared to film drying and thermosetting coatings. Radiation curable coatings consist of polymer layers...
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    UV Sensors - (64 companies)
    UV sensors are designed to measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV sensors measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths than...
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    WiFi and WiMAX Wireless Chips - (47 companies)
    WiFi and WiMAX Wireless Chips Information. WiFi wireless chips and WiMAX wireless chips are used in fixed broadband wireless access networks that use point-to-multipoint architecture. WiFi chips are based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. WiMAX chips...
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    TLD and Film Badges - (16 companies)
    ...of tissue. The crystal and filters are contained in a badge with identifying labels. Incident energy is absorbed by some of the crystal's atoms when exposed to ionizing radiation, thereby producing free electrons and corresponding electron holes. Free...
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