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FLS-2200--05-P1-*-EI-EUI-89   EXFO Fiber Optic Test Equipment Variable power output, with or without isolator
BB-050-IR2   Meadowlark Optics, Inc. Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters For applications involving broadband or tunable wavelength sources, Meadowlark Optics presents a line of Broadband Beamsplitting Polarizers covering the visible to near infrared region. These cubes offer increased utility for a range of polarization needs. As with the Laser Line Beamsplitting...
NT45-757   Edmund Optics Inc. Laser Mirrors Ideal for Tunable Lasers and Reflecting Multiple Laser Sources. High Reflectivity from 0 - 45 ° for All Polarization States. Variety of Coating Options Available. Featuring high reflectance and durability, Precision Broadband Laser Mirrors are ideal for UV, visible, and NIR beam steering...
2360   KLA-Tencor Corporation Semiconductor Metrology Instruments Uses a shorter wavelength light source and smaller pixel size to provide the improved imaging inspection sensitivity needed for 90-nm node and below design rules. Selectable UV illumination (Broadband UV, I-Line and G-Line) combines with high numerical aperture to deliver superior resolution...
NT68-162   Edmund Optics Inc. Cylindrical Lenses Focus Light in Only One Dimension. Design Minimizes Spherical and Chromatic Aberration. Ideal for Creating Line Profiles of Broadband Light Sources. Our TECHSPEC ® Achromatic Cylinder Lenses are similar in design and function to a standard cylinder lens, but have the added benefit of reducing...
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    process variations, oxide thickness in shallow-trench isolation (STI) structures may vary greatly depending on trench width and trench etch uniformity. Conventional methods for measuring oxide-layer thickness involve pointing a small ( <50- um) light spot at a large, nonpatterned wafer area
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    intensity pulses through fiber is commonly used as a coherent broadband source for applications such as time-resolved spectroscopy2, seeding optical parametric amplifiers3,4, and optical coherence tomography5, just to name a few. The effect of spectral broadening can also be used for generating

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