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  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    H. A. Erf of the Erf Acoustical Com- pany presented a paper on " Broadcast Studio Acoustics ." .
  • Author Index
    B., broadcast studio acoustics , 2119 Leaft, H.
  • Adolph Bernard Chamberlain
    … Columbia Broadcasting System as chief engineer and was directly responsible for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of many phases of broadcast equipment, including stand- ard broadcast antennas, transmitters, audio-frequency control facilities, measurement equipment and tech- niques, and broadcast studio acoustics .
  • Section Meetings
    Broadcast Studio Acoustics ," by G. M. Nixon, National Broadcasting Com- pany; March 8,1943. " .
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Broadcast Studio Acoustics " was the subject of a paper presented by George Nixon of the development and research group of the Na- tional Broadcasting Company.
  • Index to Volume XLIX: January 1 to December 31, 1930
    Radio Broadcasting Studios , Acoustics of.
  • Abstracts and References
    … 501; April 1, 1950.) "There is .. no other text in which can be found the fruits of so varied an experience in all forms of sound pick-up, cover- ing as it does auditorium and studio acoustics , broadcasting , the film, directive properties …
  • Radio Progress during 1938
    Part I treats the following maiin divisions of Electroacoustics: theory, loud speakers, microphones, telephone instruments, electromechanical instruments, acoustics of broad- cast studios , measurement apparatus and techniques, and electronic musical instruments.
  • Radio-Telegraphy and Radio-Telephony
    In the previous review* on this subject the question of acoustics of broadcasting studios was dealt with at some length.
  • Radio Abstracts and References
    The design and acoustics of broadcast studios .
  • Section Meetings
    Acoustics for Broadcasting Studios for Speech versus Music,' by E. J. Content, Station WOR; April 7, 1943. " .
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Knudsen, chairman of the physics department and dean of the graduate school of the University of California presented a paper on "Architectural Acoustics and Acoustics of Broadcast Studios " at the February 16 meeting of the Los Angeles Section.
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Acoustics of Broadcast Studios and Their Meaturement" was the subject of a paper by L. G. Hector, professor of phys- ics at the University of Buffalo.
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Design and Acoustics of Broadcast Studios ," by 0.
  • Artificial reverberation
    The rise and fall in sound level therefore appear to the ear as a continuous process which, in the case of halls and broad- cast studios having good acoustics , approximates to an expo- nential law.