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  • Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies-Image
    Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies - (566 companies)
    ...and spotlights. Broadcast booths. Cameras and monitors. Video Credit: eHow/ CC BY 3.0. Video Equipment. Broadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies include many different types of video production equipment beyond cameras and monitors. Examples include...
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  • Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Services-Image
    Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Services - (62 companies)
    Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services specialize in the planning and production of television shows, radio programs, movies, films, plays, concerts, and other audio or video recordings. Often, these companies provide video production...
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  • Broadcast and Cable Television Service-Image
    Broadcast and Cable Television Service - (143 companies)
    Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit television over satellite, cable networks and over open airwaves. Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit signals via satellite, cable network, or over...
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    Scheduling Software - (72 companies)
    Scheduling Software is Software used to program and schedule processes and tasks.
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  • Career Management and Placement Services-Image
    Career Management and Placement Services - (136 companies)
    Career management, development and placement services include consultants, businesses, organizations and employment agencies that provide information and resources related to employment and career direction. Career management and placement services...
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    Specialty Business Services - (1223 companies)
    Specialty Business Services Information. Specialty business services are consultants, firms, and companies that provide specialty or proprietary business services. Specialty business services help organizations manage billing and payroll; mail...
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    Stage Lamps - (62 companies)
    Stage Lamps Information. Stage lamps are used for stage, studio, or television lighting. They are often made of quartz instead of glass to provide higher pressure ratings, higher melting temperatures, and more energy-efficient designs...
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    Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services - (2545 companies)
    ...administrators, project managers, application architects, systems analysts, and technical trainers. IT consultants may also employ data architects, data modelers, database analysts, quality assurance (QA) personnel or software testers, customer support...
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    Engineering Consulting Services - (5182 companies)
    ...and money for companies that do not have the knowledge or expertise for handling a specific task. Consultant Selection Process. The process for selecting a consulting firm usually involves three steps: problem identification, response, and negotiation...
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    Bluetooth® Chips - (84 companies)
    Bluetooth (R) chips are board level components which broadcast in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio band. Bluetooth (R) chips are board level components that broadcast in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM...
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  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 8 Issue 5 May 2011
    This highly unusual project resulted from a collaboration by Clear Channel, Meridian Design Associates, Brooklyn- based theatre consultants Studio T+L, LLC, acousticians Acoustilog, with audio and broadcast video design by SIA Acoustics.
  • Business Cases
    "e-slim" becomes mainly of commercial providers of slenderness programs and cures used of food advisers , but also in fitness studios or separated medical practice in the version "professional".
    WOSU-TV agreed to make arrangements to finance the studio and the production costs for this experiment and to provide consultant service, teaching aids, and telecasting facilities for the broadcasts .
  • Mediums & communication-research in the comparison
    Measured a over verbal or visual Designatoren, that on press, television, studio , camera, articles, reporting series, reporter, mediums, names of newspapers or consignments etc. on to refer at least "moderate" … … communication management, advertising, image, campaign and medium advisers , on to refer at …
  • Political-science-mediums
    Presence in abendlichen main news programs, the toppest priority has invitations to Live-interviews in late messages and for political studio discussions on rounds tables, the participation in political … … well as guest appearances in reichweitestarken samstäglichen entertainment programs also for European peak … … is more professional like in USA in the background of acting medium and communication advisers (Plasser 2003).
    "Surprisingly," as Capron put it, "Bic Camera commercial - well-known because broadcast on T.V. regional channels, and for its unforgettable tune as well as for its Superman caricature - frequent appraisal on Stu- dio Alta screen, allow Bic Camera to be … Bic Camera('s) ubiquitous capability is what many marketing consultants dream to be able to propose to …
  • Report on Sources of Variability in Color Reproduction as Viewed on the Home Television Receiver
    … Project Engineer, advancing to Director, Audio-Video Engineering in 1961 and to Staff Consultant , Advanced Technology in … … he was concerned with the many design and developmnt problems encountered in video tape recording, in tele- vision film transmission, in addition to the design of the television systems for the studio plants in the key cities of the Columbia Broadcasting System.
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Edward J. Content (SM'43) recently established his own business as an acoustical consultant and studio design specialist in Stamford, Connecticut. … Rainbow Division in World War 1, Mr. Content, in 1922, went on to specialize in broadcast engineering.
  • Interactive Television
    … Mr Andrew O[iphant Mr Huw Oliver Mr Andrew Rayner Mr Raj Sittampalam Mr Tim Trew Digital Television Group Cable and Wireless Communications Snell & Wilcox Oracle University of Bristol Pro-bel Strategy & Technology Consultant Teddington Studios Lancaster c1niversity Independent Television … NDS Broadcast 3BC R&D .
  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Topics already scheduled include: The Care and Maintenance of Directional An- tenna Systems, Technical Training; of Broadcast Personnel, Studio Control De- sign, Technical Regulation of Broadcasting , Recording Systems, and an F.C.C.-Industry question-and-answer panel. Dr. John A. Willoughby, chief engineer of the F.C.C. Broadcast Division; George P. Adair, former chief engineer of the Com- mission; Dixie McKey, engineering con- sultant ; and other prominent scientists and authorities in their respective fields will speak and take …