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  • Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies-Image
    Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies - (616 companies)
    ...recordings. Suppliers may serve a variety of industries, or specialize in one or more applications. Often, providers of broadcasting, studio and theatrical supplies are located in areas with television and movie studios, radio stations and sound stages... Learn More
  • Audio Microphones-Image
    Audio Microphones - (445 companies)
    ...small to intermediate levels. With regard to applications, audio microphones are used in aircraft, cars, and trucks; with computers or industrial workstations; and to provide information to listeners over loudspeakers. Recording studios or television... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Video Cameras-Image
    Video Cameras - (1657 companies)
    ...transitions from broadcast NTSC to ATSC have already begun. DTMB(Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast) was developed in China to replace analog broadcasts beginning in 2008. DTMB has a clear depiction whether received on a mobile or fixed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Services-Image
    Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Services - (67 companies)
    Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services specialize in the planning and production of television shows, radio programs, movies, films, plays, concerts, and other audio or video recordings. Often, these companies provide video production... Learn More
  • Broadcast and Cable Television Service-Image
    Broadcast and Cable Television Service - (145 companies)
    Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit television over satellite, cable networks and over open airwaves. Broadcast television and cable television service providers transmit signals via satellite, cable network, or over... Learn More
  • Audio Visual Services - (203 companies)
    ...optical disk storage technology supported by major electronic companies, hardware suppliers, and broadcast studios. Application formats include DVD-Video, DVD-VR (video recording), DVD+VR (read-write video recording), DVD-AR (audio recording), DVD-SR... Learn More
  • Cabinets and Casework - (720 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bumpers - (228 companies)
    Bumpers are elastomeric hardware devices used for edge protection, cushioning, and impact absorption. Bumpers reduce vibration and movement in equipment. They also stop rigid parts from damaging one another. Edge protection devices such as bumpers... Learn More
  • Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (462 companies)
    Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform a service. How to Select Industrial Handles and Industrial Pulls. Image Credit: Newark | CarrLane | EMKA. Industrial handles... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Stage Lamps - (64 companies)
    Stage Lamps Information. Stage lamps are used for stage, studio, or television lighting. They are often made of quartz instead of glass to provide higher pressure ratings, higher melting temperatures, and more energy-efficient designs... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Parts by Number for Broadcast Studio Hardware

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
124-372   Premier Lighting & Production Company Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Equipment and Supplies UL listed for outdoor use, this unit utilizes non-corroding hardware and fittings. All joinings are heavily gasketed to protect the lamp, reflector, and internal ballast from weather. Optional snoot allows the use of standard 10 " accessories.

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...the right hardware. Think of yourself and your meeting attendees as miniature television studios. In order to create and transmit live television programs, a studio must have a camera and a microphone to record them, a processor to coordinate them and prepare them for broadcast, and some sort...

Analog to Digital. Digital signal processing has been quietly replacing many analog signal and control applications, and is now commonly used for many audio and video (A/V) applications such as sound systems, television, recording studios, and film production. New digital A/V hardware is being...

Broadcast emergency alerts and instructions. Emergency messaging systems are essential in educational institutions. The. same digital signage you use to broadcast everyday info can also be used to alert students and staff to inclement weather,. emergencies, lockdowns, and evacuations. Sending...

...the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue and at present approx. 40 further interesting LIVE pictures from around the globe, are the products of earth television network AG in Munich. The 100% subsidiary of TELCAST Media Group founded in 1998 has developed an innovative broadcast transmission system (Pictures 1...