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    Kick Plates - (25 companies)
    Kick Plates are protective sheets that are attached to the bottom of a door to protect it from impact and scratches. Description. Kick Plates are protective sheets that are attached to a door to protect it from impact and daily use. Material...
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    Door Strikes - (35 companies)
    Door strikes are metal plate devices that are installed within a door jamb to stop and retain a door when closed. Multiple operational configurations are available for differing door bolt options as well as the action of the clasp mechanism...
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  • Doors-Image
    Doors - (1459 companies)
    Doors are swinging or sliding barriers that can be opened or closed to allow or deny entry.
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  • Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys-Image
    Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys - (605 companies)
    Copper, brass, and bronze alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good corrosion resistance, ductility and strength. How to Select Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys. Copper, brass, and bronze alloys...
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  • Metal Plates and Plate Stock-Image
    Metal Plates and Plate Stock - (747 companies)
    How to Select Metal Plates and Plate Stock. Metal plates and metal plate stock includes metals and alloys in the form of blanks, flats, bars, plates, and sheet stock. Metal and alloy plates and plate stock are used in a variety of applications...
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    Surface Plates - (61 companies)
    Surface plates provide a precision reference surface for layout, checking, machining and gaging work. Surface plates provide a precision reference surface for layout, checking, machining, and gaging work. A surface plate is a solid, flat table used...
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    Imaging Plates - (15 companies)
    Imaging plates, imaging films and imaging chemicals include offset printer plates, photographic or image setter film, developers, fixers and other supplies for printing, graphics, radiographic and IR imaging. Offset printing plates transfer an inked...
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    Tooling Plates and Columns - (113 companies)
    Tooling plates and columns provide mounting or clamping surfaces for holding and positioning vises, clamps and workpieces during setup, manufacturing and dimensional inspection. Tooling plates are manufactured from a variety of materials, including...
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    Wear Strips, Wear Plates, and Wear Parts - (311 companies)
    ...wear pads or linings are resistant to the abrasive effects of the bulk processing of grain, ore, salt, limestone, coal, glass, and fly ash. Other wear plates, strips and parts are made of bronze, chromium, tungsten, cast iron, or aluminum. A chromium...
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    Connector Plates - (29 companies)
    Connector plates have integral teeth, are manufactured to various sizes and thicknesses, and are designed to laterally transmit loads in wood. They are also known as nail plates, truss plates, metal connector plates, and foundation wall angles. Nail...
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  • Door Kick Plates – Hardware Supplies – Grainger Industrial Supply
    You'll also find bronze , aluminum and stainless steel kick plate styles that can blend in with existing hardware.
  • Flowing presses
    … 193 articulated flange 63 Anlasserritzel 150 drive shaft 254 triangle flange 252 printed sheet 322 flange 220 … … point welding electrode 65 wheel bolts, 250, 383 entrainers 98, wheel hub 91, 218 switch housing 147 protective sleeves 243 hex nut of tantalum 168 track rod head 225 for ABS shock absorber tube 170 cup … … 83 Brinell-hardness 33 bronze 70f .
  • ZCU411
    For appearance, Anaconda Alloy 220 finds broad application as etching bronze , lipstick cases,ornamental grillwork, weatherstripping, costume … For utilitarian applications, it is generally used for screen wire, flexible tubing, marine and building hardware, waveguides, line clamps, kick plates , studs, bolts and screws.
  • ZCACA2001P385
    pheric exposure, such as roofing and other architectural uses, hardware, building fronts, grille work, hand rails, lock bodies, doorknobs, and kick plates Freshwater supply lines and plumbing fittings, for which superior resistance to corrosion by various types of waters and soils is … Wrought alloys Coppers High-copper alloys Brasses Leaded brasses Tin brasses Phosphor bronzes Leaded phosphor bronzes Copper …
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  • On some processes for the surface protection of metals
    Of course, the colour of a lacquer or tone of a bronze does not improve the accuracy … When we see rusty girders painted over and used in the construction of skyscrapers, and when x-e are able to kick a hole through the girder plate of a railway bridge (this is possible in London) we realise that the whole …
  • Over the hardness of metals
    … tea provisions fur of metals, but they are obtained samtlich by scratch, Kohr-, shocks and other methods … … ungefahre breakpoints; they relate ubrigens only to some few metals (tin, brass and bronze , iron and steel). … glasharten steel from the ausserst) at increasing pressure of a lens against a plate (by of the …
  • Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods, 9th Edition
    Hinges are made from prime-coated steel, polished plated steel, chromium- plated metals, brass, bronze , aluminum, and stainless steel. … strike fastens securely to the building studs and helps prevent a locked door from being kicked open.
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