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  • Intelligent Thermal Management Using Brushless DC Fans
    The brushless DC fan (BDC Fan) has become the air mover of choice in computing equipment, office automation products, home entertainment systems, and the like. Unlike conventional DC fans, the BDC fan is mechanically robust because it contains no rotating commutator/brush assembly to shed dust
  • A Practical Guide to Brushless DC Implementation
    – 1000W. 720 Line Voltage Brushless DC Drive. BLM700 Brushless DC Drive /Tachometer. AC Drives. AC Voltage Supplies/ Signal Isolators/ Master Speed Control. 55AC AC Variable Voltage Supply. VSI2 - Speed Signal Isolator. MSC38A Master Speed Control. 4-in-1 Programmable Tachometer. Low Voltage DC Controls
  • Brushless DC Blowers: The Real & Hidden Advantages (.pdf)
    brushless DC motorized impeller. 2. 5.25” standard AC motorized impeller. 3. 5.31” DC tubeaxial (box) fan. 4. 5.31” AC tubeaxial fan. 5. Fan Tray with three brushless DC fans. 6. Fan tray with three AC fans. The following table shows the key ratings for six products: Product. CFM. dBA. Watts. Max°C
  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design
    ranging. installation costs. from 1 watt to 1 kW. AC induction motors are readily. A “Sensorless” Brushless dc motor does not have Hall available from 250 W to 10 kW or more. BLDC motors. effect sensors. Sensorless Brushless dc motors employ offer potentially higher efficiency than ac induction. more
  • What are Brushless DC Motors and how do they work?
    | «Older Posts. Categories. Industry News. Recent Posts. Accessorize your motor ……. When mayhem meets your motor…. How good is your motor comprehension? Are you a motor guru?. The Art of Manufacturing Motor Rotor Castings. Brushless Motors for Winch Systems. Web Pages. AC Actuators. AC Rotors
  • Brushless DC Motors
    motors generally contain a three-phase winding, although some operate four phase. Brushless motors powering small fans and other constant-speed equipment are often two phase. Power for brushless motors generally is a trapezoidal ac wave form, but some of the motors operate with sine waves
  • How to select Hall-effect sensors for brushless dc motors
    Brushless dc (BLDC) motors need to operate more efficiently as energy and cost. savings becomes a bigger concern for designers of electronic devices. One way to. help ensure greater efficiency is by selecting the correct bipolar latching Hall-effect sensor IC for electronic commutation in BLDC
  • Fan Efficiency, An Increasingly Important Selection Criteria
    . Technologies. Press. Minebea Co., Ltd. Minebea Group of Companies. Corporate Responsibility. RoHS. Careers. Contact. Buy Now Fans and Blowers. DC Axial Fans. DC Blowers. AC Axial Fans. AC Weather Resistant. Custom Fan Trays. High Power R and F Series. Motorized Impellers. Fan Accessories. Fan Guards

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