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    Tachometers - (345 companies)
    ...close speed regulation. The tachometer feeds its signal to a control which adjusts its output to the DC motor or AC inverter motors accordingly (called "closed loop feedback" control). Tachometers can be of both the contact and noncontact type. Common... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Motor Controllers - (768 companies)
    ...or other electric vehicles. Many include application-specific features such as reverse alarm output, signal for speedometers and tachometers. Application. Selecting motor controllers requires an analysis of application categories. Motor speed... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tachometer Generators and Tachogenerators - (58 companies)
    Tachometer generators and tachogenerators are small AC or DC generators that output a voltage in proportion to the rotational speed of a shaft. They are capable of measuring speed and direction of rotation, but not position. Tachometer generators... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Machine Fabrication Services - (125 companies)
    Machine fabrication services build custom machinery for their clients. They either build from a client's plans and documentation, or build to a client's specified requirements. How to Select Machine Fabrication Services. Hot Fill Machine - Image... Learn More
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    Civil Engineering Services - (2157 companies)
    Civil engineering services design and build public and private-sector structures such as bridges, roads, dams, and highways. They can also provide engineering support for city planning and structural design activities. Most civil engineering... Learn More
  • Light Towers - (65 companies)
    Light Towers are portable lighting devices that are used to illuminate work areas. These products are commonly towable and provide their own power source. Learn More
  • DNA Synthesizers - (27 companies)
    DNA synthesizers are used to custom build DNA molecules to contain a sequence of interest. DNA synthesizers are machines used to custom-build DNA molecules to contain a particular sequence of nucleotides. DNA synthesizers can create specific DNA... Learn More
  • Positive Displacement Flow Meters - (159 companies) proportional to the material velocity. Nutating disc meters use media pressure to rock a disc in a circulating path without causing the disc to rotate about its own axis. A pin that extends from the disc is connected to a counter that monitors the disc 's... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Engine Starters - (54 companies)
    Description. Engine starters provide the initial rotation for internal combustion engines. They cause the pistons to move before ignition, enabling the engine to turn over so that it can then operate under its own power. Engine starters... Learn More
  • Communication Tower Erection Services - (98 companies)
    Communication tower erection services build communication towers, set up satellite dishes and install related communications equipment. They also provide design engineering, structural analysis and line testing services. Additional capabilities may... Learn More
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Enter the panel PC. New generations of Windows-based panel PCs are enabling developers to build their own applications using Windows tools, and so avoid using SCADA altogether in smaller systems requiring up to several tens of channels. Significantly, with customers needing to modify the 'look...

...controllers have evolved considerably in the last few years, following the trend of improving price/performance ratios for microprocessors, digital signal processors, and programmable logic devices. Equipment designers faced with a build-or-buy decision usually realize quickly that the level...

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  • A manipulative rich approach to first year electrical engineering education
    The available project choices include building : A tachometer , a digital range finder, an inclinometer, or a project of their own choosing that gets instructor approval.
  • Design of a next generation surface-piercing propeller test stand
    kilowatt, 24 osen because r the amount open loop ter, which is hen manually ired rpm by h modulated own in Figs. 8 and 11, has a built in tachometer that will .
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    ...instrument used by psychologists; presents visual stimuli for brief exposures'). g(104330864,'a tachometer that produces a... the free end of the workpiece'). g(104334441,'beautiful mausoleum at Agra built by the Mogul... ...gun and capable of high speeds'). g(104337910,'a locomotive that carries its own fuel and water...
  • ( psychologists; presents visual stimuli for brief exposures)'). g(103820084,'(a tachometer that produces a... end of the workpiece)'). g(103823350,'(beautiful mausoleum at Agra built by the Mogul... ...'(an oscillatory circuit)'). g(103826315,'(a locomotive that carries its own fuel and water...
  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Third Edition > ELECTRIC MEASURING INSTRUMENTS
    DPMs differ from analog in that they have their own power supply and are generally more accurate. ...20 mA dc, 1 to 5 V dc, resistance, three-wire potentiometer, frequency, tachometer , resistance-temperature detector... Built -in displays are available as liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or planar gas...
  • Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences (Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences) > Book Reviews
    Some of the Kollsman series, well known in the U.S. are being built under license by Kelvin, Bottomly and Baird who also build in- struments of their own design. Other Kollsman instruments, also identical with American types, such as the simple altimeter, rate of climb indicator, accelerometer, heated pitot heads, electrical and magnetic tach- ometers , are likewise treated.
  • Stripping of mathematical talent by children in 1st and 2nd school year
    The solution attempts that are based on the tachometer principle occupy therefore respectively preferably many positions by the same color and change accordingly minimally. III results of the own study .
  • Machine tools 3
    ...of the carriage considers the carriage speed and the instantaneous position y of ( tachometer signal) the motor... The resistance resulting the friction from newtonscher on the motor forms together with the own and foreign moment of inertia a proportional member with time delay of first order.
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: DIY Garage Building
    Previous in Blog: Make Your Own Stroboscopic Tachometer You might be interested in: Garage Doors, Building Insulation Materials, Construction and Building Inspection Services .
  • Bases of electrical engineering and electronics 2
    Because flow decrease and must form current direction a legal screw, the current has the registered direction... The magnetic field through permanent magnet generates (low powers, tachometers , bicycle dynamo); the magnetic field generates by electromagnetic excitation: thereby, the electromagnet becomes either is fed from an external source (foreign excitation) or of the generator itself ( own excitation).
    Extech Instruments’ (Waltham, MA) Model RPM10 photo/contact tachometer includes a built -in infrared thermometer with laser pointer for surface temperature measurement. ...information contained in this document, or warrants that such use will be free from privately owned rights.
  • Small Brains, Smart Machines: From Fly Vision to Robot Vision and Back Again
    Although the first few steps made by the Robot Fly at our lab were a ‘‘giant leap’’ for us, we soon admitted that it was cheating because it was ‘‘aware’’ of its own speed (via the tachometer coupled to one of its... ...that as a onetime bicycle maker (Fig. 1), I would end up by building some kind of...
  • Traffic fuse duty of a forest owner for trees on a public economic path
    ...on insecure adopted - and this, after the result of the evaluation of the tachometer discs, with a... + x, whereof itself already after general gives erfahrungswissen that this after the design of the vehicle... fahrtrichtung of the lorry before the lorry and observed this also already own in exercise carefulness...
  • SA ViewCom A/S
    A wholly owned subsidiary of Kirkbi A/S, an associated company in the Lego Group, SA ViewCom was... SA ViewCom's PILON LON-based passenger information system is built around a central PC and offers the following functions: alarm and call-for... ...and visual information, with interior LED and exterior flip-dot displays; GPS and/or tachometer in combination with logical...
  • Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics > Dynamics of flexible bodies in tree topology - A computer-oriented approach
    ...user wishes to try optimal, nonlinear, or time-varying controllers, he may, supply his own control subroutine. A set of seven sensors has been built into the simulation (rate gyro, accelerometer, position and velocity sensors, a tachometer ).