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  • Tachometer Generators and Tachogenerators-Image
    Tachometer Generators and Tachogenerators - (58 companies)
    Tachometer generators and tachogenerators are small AC or DC generators that output a voltage in proportion to the rotational speed of a shaft. They are capable of measuring speed and direction of rotation, but not position. Tachometer generators...
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  • Motor Controllers-Image
    Motor Controllers - (762 companies)
    ...for speedometers and tachometers. Application. Selecting motor controllers requires an analysis of application categories. Motor speed controllers are application-specific devices used to control machines such as conveyors. Multi-axis controllers...
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  • Tachometers-Image
    Tachometers - (340 companies)
    Tachometers are used to measure the velocity of a rotating object. They operate on the principle that a driven motor (i.e., a motor operated as a generator) produces a voltage that is proportional to the angular velocity of the motor shaft...
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    Machine Fabrication Services - (130 companies)
    Machine fabrication services build custom machinery for their clients. They either build from a client's plans and documentation, or build to a client's specified requirements. How to Select Machine Fabrication Services. Hot Fill Machine - Image...
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  • Civil Engineering Services-Image
    Civil Engineering Services - (2162 companies)
    Civil engineering services design and build public and private-sector structures such as bridges, roads, dams, and highways. They can also provide engineering support for city planning and structural design activities. Most civil engineering...
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    DNA Synthesizers - (24 companies)
    DNA synthesizers are used to custom build DNA molecules to contain a sequence of interest. DNA synthesizers are machines used to custom-build DNA molecules to contain a particular sequence of nucleotides. DNA synthesizers can create specific DNA...
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    Positive Displacement Flow Meters - (163 companies) proportional to the material velocity. Nutating disc meters use media pressure to rock a disc in a circulating path without causing the disc to rotate about its own axis. A pin that extends from the disc is connected to a counter that monitors the disc 's...
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    Engine Starters - (56 companies)
    Description. Engine starters provide the initial rotation for internal combustion engines. They cause the pistons to move before ignition, enabling the engine to turn over so that it can then operate under its own power. Engine starters...
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    Communication Tower Erection Services - (88 companies)
    Communication tower erection services build communication towers, set up satellite dishes and install related communications equipment. They also provide design engineering, structural analysis and line testing services. Additional capabilities may...
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    Control Panel Services - (306 companies)
    Control panel services design and build custom control panels for industrial, manufacturing, and process control applications. These control panels are designed for specific applications and are available in many different configurations. Like...
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  • Design of a next generation surface-piercing propeller test stand
    kilowatt, 24 osen because r the amount open loop ter, which is hen manually ired rpm by h modulated own in Figs. 8 and 11, has a built in tachometer that will .
  • A manipulative rich approach to first year electrical engineering education
    The available project choices include building : A tachometer , a digital range finder, an inclinometer, or a project of their own choosing that gets instructor approval.
  • Systematic Design of a First‐Year Mechanical Engineering Course at Carnegie Mellon University
    These systems that freshmen design and build demonstrate how technical devices exploit engineering principles and illustrate basic … In the weekly mini-projects and hands-on assignments, each student experiments with her/his own miniature steam engine pro- vided by Jensen Manufacturing Company Inc.,30 … … spring dynamometer, motor-driven circuit to use ei- ther as a tachometer or as an electrical …
  • Bases of electrical engineering and electronics 2
    Because flow decrease and must form current direction a legal screw, the current has the registered direction … The magnetic field through permanent magnet generates (low powers, tachometers , bicycle dynamo); the magnetic field generates by electromagnetic excitation: thereby, the electromagnet becomes either is fed from an external source (foreign excitation) or of the generator itself ( own excitation).
  • Insight Weekly - 10th December 2012
    This smaller display in the centre of speedometer and tachometer images lets users view navigation routes and … “Drivers can also further customize each layout to their own personal liking”, said Scott Martin, Senior Creative Designer in charge of the building the digital cluster layouts. “ .
  • Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences (Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences) > Book Reviews
    Some of the Kollsman series, well known in the U.S. are being built under license by Kelvin, Bottomly and Baird who also build in- struments of their own design. Other Kollsman instruments, also identical with American types, such as the simple altimeter, rate of climb indicator, accelerometer, heated pitot heads, electrical and magnetic tach- ometers , are likewise treated.
  • Cadillac XTS features all-digital gauge cluster
    This smaller display in the centre of speedometer and tachometer images lets users view navigation routes and … Drivers can also further customize each layout to their own personal liking”, said Scott Martin, Senior Creative Designer in charge of the building the digital cluster layouts. “ .
  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Third Edition > ELECTRIC MEASURING INSTRUMENTS
    DPMs differ from analog in that they have their own power supply and are generally more accurate. … 20 mA dc, 1 to 5 V dc, resistance, three-wire potentiometer, frequency, tachometer , resistance-temperature detector … Built -in displays are available as liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or planar gas …
  • Stripping of mathematical talent by children in 1st and 2nd school year
    The solution attempts that are based on the tachometer principle occupy therefore respectively preferably many positions by the same color and change accordingly minimally. III results of the own study .
  • Machine tools 3
    … of the carriage considers the carriage speed and the instantaneous position y of ( tachometer signal) the motor … The resistance resulting the friction from newtonscher on the motor forms together with the own and foreign moment of inertia a proportional member with time delay of first order.