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  • CNC Routers-Image
    CNC Routers - (218 companies)
    CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that are capable of cutting complex two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes with router bits that spin at high speeds. CNC routers consist of a mechanical base, linear rails and bearings... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    CNC Controllers - (163 companies)
    ...of machine shop equipment. CNC controllers are computer numerically controlled (CNC) devices that control machines and processes. They provide capabilities ranging from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Motor Controllers - (768 companies)
    ...controllers are application-specific devices used to control machines such as conveyors. Multi-axis controllers are used to control and monitor multiple, independent axes of motion. Robotic motion controllers use digital motion control hardware and software... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    CNC Machining Services - (5825 companies)
    ...on the application. They are typically the easiest type of CNC machine to work with. Electrical discharge machines (EDMs) remove and form material using an electrical discharge (spark machining, die sinking, or wire erosion). These machines typically work with hard... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    CNC Tool Changers - (33 companies)
    CNC tool changers allow a machine to perform more than one function without requiring an operator to change the tooling. A CNC toolchanger can quickly change the end effectors without the requirement of multiple robots. Toolchangers can be a manual... Learn More
  • Computer Numerical Control Software (CNC) - (66 companies)
    Computer numerical control software (CNC) is used to create tool paths for CNC machine control systems, or to turn a personal computer (PC) into a CNC controller. Computer numerical control (CNC) uses computer-aided design (CAM) and computer-aided... Learn More
  • Machine Fabrication Services - (125 companies)
    Machine fabrication services build custom machinery for their clients. They either build from a client's plans and documentation, or build to a client's specified requirements. How to Select Machine Fabrication Services. Hot Fill Machine - Image... Learn More
  • Machine Redesign and Rebuild Services - (847 companies)
    Machine redesign and machine rebuild services redesign and rebuild machines. Machine redesign and machine rebuild services are used to enhance machinery capabilities and improve machinery productivity. There are several types of machine redesign... Learn More
  • Slotting Machines - (17 companies)
    Slotting machines are cutting machines designed to machine slots into a workpiece. Slotting machines are used for a variety of applications and industries. How to Select Slotting Machines. Slotting machines or slotters are cutting machines designed... Learn More
  • Screw Machines - (48 companies)
    Screw Machines Information. Screw machines are machine tools that use a number of cutting tools, fed into a rotating rod or bar, to make screws and other turned parts. A screw machine is a type of automatic turret lathe, that performs turning... Learn More
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...on process selection and process sequence is made after the mold design has been finalized. The shop uses CNC milling techniques and has extensive EDM capability including a wire EDM and two sinker EDMs. In a typical pre-production meeting, the designer, lead and machine operators use the solid model...

...increasingly on outsourcing to maintain their competitive edge. The One-Stop Shop "Many OEMs don't build devices in their own facilities anymore," says Johan Lindqvist, marketing manager at Perlos Oyj (Nurmij arvi, Finland). "As soon as they have the basic idea, they begin looking for subcontractors...

Manufacturing Director for Joe Gibbs Racing: "If we go to outside suppliers to make parts for us, we risk having competitors learn what we're doing. Sometimes we have to outsource because we don't have the capabilities here. But we'd prefer to build our own parts if we can. ". Quality is the other...

...that simultaneously process two parts to the same specifications. According to W alti, such units can offer customers up to 25% savings compared with the purchase of two separate machines. Monnier + Zahner, which also retrofits old machines to incorporate CNC technology, is in the process of building a new...

...continue to be very happy with Jet Edge and would definitely recommend them for their quality and service. ".  . In addition to water jet cutting its own custom fabrication projects, PIW also does job shop water jet cutting for several steel service centers, machine shops, a food industry equipment...

Most zero-point positioning systems are modular, so users can purchase a complete custom system or just the components that best fit their needs. “The shops that build their own systems vs. buying off-the-shelf products is split about 50-50,” Evans said. “Some shops, especially moldmakers... this case, to program a CNC machine for cutting the metal prototype parts. Each prototype took 2 to 8 weeks to make. Because Cross wished to reduce reliance on metal prototypes and allow greater use of FEA, the engineers decided to move from 2-D CAD to solid modeling. The benefits would be twofold...

A project under the EC Innovation programme will seek to develop contract abrasive water-jet profiling centres across Europe. The objective of the Diajet initiative is to build competitive CNC abrasive water-jet profiling systems and to demonstrate the business benefits that small companies can...

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