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...of diagnosing and treating diseases. The university asked MR Medical Solutions to meet very challenging requirements for the performance, uniformity and safety of the coil. In the past, MR Medical Solutions engineers would have had to spend six months building and testing each of at least four different...

...of irregularities, a microwave approach is a more forgiving approach," he says. Also, with no electrode, there's nothing on the catheter to get hot, so the potential for building up coagulum is basically nonexistent. Figure 2. The Prostatron uses transurethral microwave therapy to treat benign prostatic... on top gives a secure enclosure. An access code number cannot be lost or stolen, when an. employee leaves it can be invalidated in seconds. This level of security is conveniently provided by allowing access to a server room or building only. with an electronic “key” (ID badge...

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A long-range radar antenna, known as ALTAIR, used to detect and track space objects in conjunction with ABM testing at the Ronald Reagan Test Site on

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Dimetra TETRA - Motorola Solutions Europe, Middle East, Africa...
Bar Code Scanner Accessories TETRA Accessories

AP 650 Wireless Access Point - Motorola Solutions USA
Bar Code Scanner Accessories Micro Kiosk Accessories
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Small I/O Devices - PC Peripherals Application
Building Automation Fire and Security Comfort and Control
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Comfort and Control Building Automation Application
Building Automation Fire and Security Comfort and Control
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Antenna Range Complex, Motorola World HQ -- The Howland...
reflection range, a 30-foot radius spherical near-field scanner, and a range control building with lab space and an enclosed impedance measurement

4 Antenna Mast Wall Mount : Antenna Mount |
Radio & scanner power Phone & radio communication power
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Estimating building floor-plans from exterior using laser...
We use a laser scanner to measure the range of hundreds of thousands of points on interior walls of the building, exploiting the fact that the laser

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