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  • Using Noise for RF Receiver Built-In Test Applications
    Microwave thermal noise has long been employed for built-in test (BIT) of receivers and radiometers. Today's compact solid-state noise sources are broadband and extremely stable making them very useful signal sources for a variety of tests. What is not commonly known is how many different types
  • Water Cooled Test Chamber Information
    Why do CSZ's larger test chambers need cooling water? The water is used to cool the large capacity refrigeration systems at its condenser (where the refrigerant changes phase from a gas to a "condensed" liquid). Our smaller chambers have air-cooled condensers that expel the heat directly
  • Title Tandem Cylinder Assembly & Test Cell (.pdf)
    This project featured a synchronous assembly system to assemble and test a Tandem Master Cylinder. The system was designed, built, and installed for a Japanese Tier one supplier in the USA by Advanced Assembly Automation (AAA), a division of Assembly and Test Worldwide (ATW). All phases
  • New Test Facility Mimics Rail Car "Humping "
    quot;Humping, " in railroad jargon, means to couple railroad cars together by slamming them into one another at low speed. A 14-wheel rail test car (left) slams into a special barrier at speeds to 15 mph. The system from Control Power-Reliance, Troy, Mich., emulates the humping action of railroad
  • AWA Surge Test Pass/Fail Criteria
    When performing a surge or surge comparison test on three phase motors, you are evaluating the integrity of the coils inside the motor. There are certain motors that will, by design, show a mismatch when the phase signatures are compared to each other. Why? Because there are two common winding
  • Software Lets Designers "Test Drive " Machines
    Rafael, Calif., to generate accurate 3D models that validate form, fit, and function a machine is built. "A digital model or prototype lets users 'test drive' a machine early in the cycle, " says Matt Dykhouse, a Pearson mechanical engineer. "For example, designers can test constraints and the range
  • Life Test Stability/Aging Data Obtained from Two Studies (.pdf)
    bonding operation, and seal them into TO-46 packages that were soldered to test fixtures designed and built by the customer.
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    and obscure them, rendering them useless during their intended application. During random vibration, swept sine or shock testing prior to flight, spacecraft payloads are. often fitted with accelerometers in hard to reach mounting locations. As the space structure is. built up around them, it can
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor ATS Automation Tooling Systems Booth #2841 ATS Automation Tooling Systems provides innovative, custom-designed, built and installed manufacturing solutions to many pharmaceutical companies. ATS also contract manufactures electro-mechanical components and machinery
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    drawings, choice of instrumentation, technical assistance and is factory tested prior to shipping. Among these, the Director Series Portable Vessel Heating/Cooling System is capable of handling temperatures from -60 C to 300 C. Basic features include: all stainless steel wetted surfaces; Speck
  • BMW - Using Virtual Test Rigs for Loads Prediction
    The "Holy Grail" for many durability engineers is to reliably predict where and when their products will break - long before the first hardware prototype is built. To do so would dramatically shorten the durability process and help engineers to get higher quality products to market faster and more

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