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    Chuck Jaws - (85 companies)
    Chuck jaws are inserts that fit into a chuck and grip the workpiece. There are three types of chuck jaws: base jaws, hard jaws, and soft jaws. Base, or master, jaws are attached to the body of the chuck jaw and are the component that the top jaw...
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    Chucks - (414 companies)
    ...of jaws determines how many workpieces the chuck can hold. Three-jaw chuck, with jaws removed. Image Credit: tudedude. Capacity or jaw opening is the size of the workpiece that can be chucked or clamped. Chuck size is the total outside diameter (OD...
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    Wafer Chucks - (20 companies)
    Wafer chucks are used to handle semiconductor wafers during wafer processing applications. Common work clamping technologies include vacuum and electrostatic. Wafer chucks handle or hold wafers or substrates during wafer processing applications...
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    Magnetic Chucks - (35 companies)
    Magnetic chucks use the magnetic force from a permanent magnet, electromagnet or electro-permanent magnet to achieve chucking or holding action. They are only suitable for workpieces made of magnetic materials such as steel or iron. How to Select...
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    Vise Jaws - (36 companies)
    Magnetic vise jaws use a strong nitrile magnet to hold jaw inserts in place. Oversized plate jaws are designed to hold fixtures or oversized plates. Toothed vise jaws have sturdy teeth that penetrate the workpiece. They are designed to hold parts...
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    Drilling Units and Tapping Units - (90 companies)
    Drilling units and tapping units are machine tool components for automated drilling and tapping applications. They usually consist of a drilling head, chuck or collet, motor, and in-feed cylinder or mechanism. Drilling units and tapping units...
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    Grippers - (248 companies) clamps or chuck jaws. Gripper Actuation. Grippers may be actuated manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically. Manual grippers are actuated by hand crank, wheel, levers, or other manual or mechanical means. Electric grippers fingers...
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    Lathes and Turning Centers - (720 companies)
    ...length of material that can be mounted between the headstock and tailstock. Video credit: Matthias Wandel. A metal lathe spins a workpiece along a horizontal axis. A mandrel or chuck is mounted to the headstock of the metal lathe and a follower block...
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    Crushers - (147 companies) 100 inches) and reduces the material to secondary crusher feed size (1 to 20 inches) or mill feed size (0.5 to 3 inches). This video illustrates single- and double-toggle jaw crushers. Video Credit: Agg-Net/QMJ Publishing. Types of Industrial...
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    Stretch Forming Machines - (10 companies)
    Transverse equipment stretches the workpiece along its width. For both types of stretch formers, specifications describe the jaws, die table, and hydraulic system. Jaw specifications include: number of jaws, jaw width, distance between jaws, stroke per...
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  • Magazine papers
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  • Modern Approaches in Applied Intelligence
    … P1 – way of supplying a stud, P2 – way of supplying a chuck inserted with a … Y. Qu, S. Pandhiti, K.S. Bullard , W.D. Potter, and K.F. Fezer Tier 6 and tier 7 represent tongue movements and jaw movements associated with vowels, respectively.
  • Textbook of Clinical Neuropsychiatry
    … oculomasticatory myorhyth- mia, in which pendular eye movements occur in concert with rhythmic jaw movements (Schwartz et … … 1981; Roessman and Friede 1967), whereas in histoplasmosis (Cooper and Goldstein 1963), cryptococcosis ( Chuck and Sande 1989 … Burton GE, Bullard DE, Walther PJ et al.
  • Alcohol and tobacco, Medical and Sociological aspect of use, abuse and dependence
    This was looked two World Wars in that people had become "cannon fodder " or / and … Hill EM, Stoltenberg SF, Bullard KH, li S, sugar RA, Burmeister M. (2002) Antisocial alcoholism and serotonin … Jaw F, Helwig H Wiedemann K., Tarnaske T Jahn H, Otte C (2005), Pharmacological relapse prevention of …
  • OTA text book
    This is removed anterior from the Spina of iliaca and is fixed with four Kirschner wires that are introduced into the Jakobs feed of a drill. Mouth- jaw -face surgery … possibly intubation larynx mask and 5 possibly specific Laryngoskope through fiberoptisch (e.g. after McCoy or Bullard ).
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    … Laar, Mart Labus, Miroljub Lage, Davila, Carlos Lagos, Ricardo Lahud, Emile Lai, In- jaw Lanotte, Johan Vande … Chuck Aroni, Mairi Aronin, Vladimir Aronoff, Ethan Aronoff, Maria Aronofsky, Darren Aronov, Grigori Aronovich, Ricardo Aronowitz, Greg … … Bull, Donald (II) Bull, Gareth Bull, Peter (I) Bull, Richard BullDog Bulla, Emma Bullard , Dustin Bullard, John …

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