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...and operate up to three systems. An efficient assist-gas usage design minimizes laser energy during the cutting process. This low energy level, combined with cooling water, translates to less heat being applied to the part and, in turn, a smaller heat-affected zone than is possible with a conventional laser...

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  • Development management
    By organization and direction the versatile demands on the project manager are set: • catalyst and conveyors in: "why emergency than •... ...and predictable personality, rather" (increased rotation speed at pressure from above) (screen function) (the projection doesn't abuse as instruments...
  • Palletizing slices inefficiency from Sara Lee deli meats
    ...same point catches and then releases the case, thus preventing it from being turned 90 degrees so... A few feet downstream and prior to entering the palletizer, bump -turners on the right and left sides of the infeed conveyor can activate to reorient the case another 90 degrees in either direction.
  • Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition > MATERIAL HANDLING
    A chute conveyor (see Fig. 10.2.1) is used to change the position and elevation of... ...metal, or it can be configured like the fiberglass water park slides that turn and spiral as... well for short distances and for durable loads that can handle the sliding and bumping around.
  • Case Studies in Food Engineering
    ...starch and temper the grains with enough moisture to make them plastic without turning them to soft... Whole-grain rice is also cooked and then lightly “ bumped �? between rolls before forming by... ...the traditional flake process, flakes from the rolls are dried and toasted in rotary or conveyor ovens.
  • Placement of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
    ...gates on the paver or by emptying the paver hopper and drag slat conveyor between loads of... ...also be a factor in long-wave roughness, particularly if the haul truck bumps into the paver... ...of these deficiencies cause the forces on the screed to vary, causing, in turn , a wavy surface.
  • Logistic-dictionary
    ...stacker m laterally and front stacking truck front view f front view front bogie leading of bogie... ...regulation rules pl. regulations feed rate m feed [tool] · reach distance [floor conveyor ] the verb to... Projection m head start suburban adj. suburban board of directors m board of of directors · management...
  • Standard Handbook of Machine Design, Third Edition > BELT DRIVES
    Agitators and mixers for semifluid media, machine tools (such as grinding, turning , drilling and milling machines), punches... Interrupted service with bumps , medium-sized accelerated masses Elevators and worm conveyors , centrifuges, paper manufacturing machinery such as grinding gear, pumps, shredders, beaters, piston pumps...
    Examples include conveyor belts moving over rollers, drive belts moving over pulleys, and chain drives moving over... ...pressure and areal stiffness for a given interfacial shear load, and this, in turn , will decrease ther... The meshing of bumps on rollers and belts can excite resonant transverse vibrational modes in the belts.
  • MAST: manufacturing agent simulation tool
    However, receiving a respond indicates that the AGV bumped into some another object that blocks the segment... The AGV simply turns back as in previous case and warns other AGV to avoid the segment. Basically, two or more input workpieces received from input conveyors are mounted together resulting in one output...
  • CR4 - Thread: Phase Angle in a Metal Detecting Instrument
    Note that the further away from 0000 phase (vibration) the smoother your conveyor and transition, etc. need... You can "cover" the cocoa...and then find that every little bump causes the detector to spike... If equipped turn your reject horn and/or reject device off.