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  • PCI Express Advances Machine Vision
    to resolve issues. slots provide or wishing to use cards developed for 4- or 8-lane. slots. While PCIe hardware will negotiate a link to use fewer lanes. DALSA’s PCIe products are available with 1-lane and 4-lane bus. when there is a mismatch, the slots themselves will not accept cards. interfaces
  • PCIe? USB? Sorting Out Two COM / SFF Design Decisions
    Among all the bus types available in most COM specifications, only USB and PCI Express (PCIe) are well supported, high-level buses, with plug-and-play and excellent interoperability. A PCIe or USB design guarantees it will work with any vendor's COM solution.... RTC Magazine | Articles. RTC Group
  • Case Study: Coors Brewery Introduces 4B HotBus Security Monitoring System (.pdf)
    The Coors Brewery in Burton-on-Trent has been a pilot customer for the installation of 4B's Hot-Bus Hazard Monitoring System. In the brewing industry stakes are high, since it is a high volume business where downtimes can be very expensive. 4B Hotbus Case Study - Coors Brewery CASESTUDY
  • EPIC + PCI Express = EPIC Express. The Next Generation Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing.
    and communications industries as it is now migrating from the desktop to embedded applications. The PCI Express architecture uses familiar software and configuration interfaces of the conventional PCI bus architecture, but provides a new high-performance physical interface while it retains software
  • USB FM Radio
    This USB FM Radio design is intended as a reference for incorporating FM radio functionality into a USB product. The design consists of two major components, the Si4701 FM radio receiver and the C8051F321 microcontroller with a built-in universal serial bus (USB) peripheral. Due to the high level
  • PCI Express (R): Selecting the Right Bridge for High Performance Applications
    PCI Express (PCIe) is the evolution of the PCI standard, which was developed to meet increasing bandwidth and speed requirements, and to upgrade from a parallel bus architecture to a high speed serial point-to-point architecture. PCIe supports faster bus speeds and backwards-compatible PC
  • Adopting PCI Express® in Data Acquisition
    is transferred in packets through pairs of transmit and receive signals called lanes, each supporting up to 250 MB/s bandwidth per direction. Thus, a multi-channel serial design increases the flexibility of the PCI Express bus - devices needing lesser bandwidth may be given a single lane (x1) at 250 MB/s
  • How people get killed on the road
    . It is fitting that I am writing this update on the prior column after having witnessed, while standing at my bus stop, a radar cop writing traffic tickets this morning. He was in a school zone enforcing a 20-mph limit but with nary a child in sight. There were no kids around because it was 7:30 a.m.

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