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  • Adsorption of carbon dioxide-methane mixtures in porous carbons: effect of surface chemistry
    While most experiments have been performed on dry samples ( Busch et al. 2004; Bae and Bhatia 2006 � The sample was dried at 473 K for 24 h under secondary vaccum prior to performing the � A circulation pump is used to homogenize the mixture and a gas chromatograph, coupled with a thermal �
  • Quantum Reality, Relativistic Causality, and Closing the Epistemic Circle
    � 53�54 Bucket experiment, of Newton, 55�56 Burgers, J. M., 63 Burks, A. W., 17 Busch , P., 229 � condition, 315�316 CTD principle, 382�383 C-thermodynamics, of very small systems, 320�323 CW monochromatic laser pump , 165 � in relative phases of quantum state, 298�299 synchronization, moments of time, 296�297 in vaccum state, 297�298 Indistinguishability �
  • A Novel Compact Pyroelectric X-Ray and Neutron Source
    3 - Vaccum chamber used in neutron production experiments, shown with electric feed-through, Pirani gauge, and gas � 4 - Vacuum chamber used in neutron production experiments, shown open without attached instruments and pump . � have cer- tainly helped create interest in ferroelectricity, but from 1935 to 1938 Busch and Scherrer discovered �
  • Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
    In the case of vaccum -actuated valves, the membrane could seal channels in the network layer in � � and Cell Separation Membrane Actuation for Micropumps Microactuators Microfluidic Assembly Microfluidic Circuits Peristaltic pumps Piezoelectric Valves Thermopnuematic � � method of using SMA films to fabricate microvalves can be traced back to Busch and Johnson [15 �
  • Experimental Innovations in Surface Science
    Also inexpensive vacuum parts and lubricants of different companies: Alcatel, Busch , Kinney, Tietschle, CTI, Edwards, Leybold, Welch � � 1 D-50899 K�ln Tel: 021-443086 Fax: 0221-441095 Alkali-metal dispensers, NEG pumps , getter material � evaporator, 441f portable microevaporator, 459 ultralow coverage, 440 Metal fatigue, 95 Metal foam, vaccum applications, 75�77 Metal �
  • Future Material Research and Industry Application
    � ? 0 � 0 )1/ 2 is the number of electromagnetic wave in vaccum , and p, q � � many applications, including stern tube bearings on ships, submarines and small craft, hydroelectric power plants and pumps . [2] V. A. Skormin, M. A. Tascillo and T. E. Busch , �Adaptive jitter rejection technique for airborne �
  • NSLS-II Preliminary Design Report
    vaccum chamber cooling pipes for mirror chamber support structure ion pump � VC-E and NIST-A are defined in H. Amick, M. Gendreau, T. Busch , and C. Gordon �
  • Optimization of secondary aggregates
    Vaccum sensor Thus falls a drive energy to the mechanically driven vacuum pump of Fasse, E.; Riveting Hammer, B.; bush Dusseldorf 1996, D. No. 1287, New steering auxiliary concepts, VDI reports �
  • Matter and Methods at Low Temperatures
    Also, one should never use the pumping tube to connect the cryogenic liquid to the manometer, because � The design is similar to the earlier one of Greywall and Busch [12.16] to be discussed � Epoxy Counter wound reference coil (4,000 turns) Vaccum .
  • Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering II
    Dipped in vaccum again � operates under a base pressure below 5�10-3 Pa with a turbo molecular pump providing the vacuum. [10] P. Maiya, D. Busch , Effect of surface roughness on low cycle fatigue behavior of type 304 �

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