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    Water Softeners - (234 companies)
    ...of scale inside pipes that can form when using hard water. Differences In Water Softeners. Water softeners differ in terms of complexity and cost. A complete water softener system consists of a small bed of plastic beads or a chemical composition matrix... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ultrapure Water Equipment - (36 companies)
    ...filters and multi-media filters. UPW water softeners are designed to remove calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. They increase membrane life and decrease system downtime. Ultrapure water equipment also uses activated carbon filters to remove chlorine... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Chemical Water Treatment Equipment - (222 companies)
    Chemical Water Treatment Equipment mitigates the formation of scale, calcium carbonate deposits, in process water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers by controlled chemical addition and system monitoring. Learn More
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    Ion Exchange Equipment - (446 companies)
    ...charged as a result of the loss of electrons (cations) or the gain of electrons (anions). Types. There are two basic types of ion exchange equipment: water softeners and deionizing systems. Water softeners replace calcium, iron, magnesium and other... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Water Disinfection Systems - (190 companies)
    Water disinfection systems treat water to inactivate, destroy, and/or remove pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other parasites. Common methods include chlorination and alternative disinfectants. Water Disinfection Systems Information... Learn More
  • Surfactants - (27 companies)
    ...their increase in density. Water softeners remove metal ions, usually through a precipitation mechanism. Solubilizers maintain the solubility between disimiliar fluids, such as an active ingredient and the base fluid, or an additive in a product... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Deionizers - (137 companies)
    Image Credit: AXEON Water Technologies | Eco-Tec, Inc. | Sartorius Group. Deionizers remove the ionized minerals and salts (both organic and inorganic) from a solution by a two-phase ion exchange procedure. They are used to purify water... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Condensate Polishers - (20 companies) wash back into the cooling water. Condensate polishers can thus help to limit corrosion and reduce the amount of makeup water that is needed. Most condensate polishers are filled with polymer resins that are used to remove or exchange ions so... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Economizers - (44 companies)
    ...economizers are heat exchangers. Applications include the preheating of boiler feed water, waste heat recovery, and cogeneration. Economizers are also used in waste heat boilers and other heating and cooling equipment. By definition, waste heat is heat... Learn More
  • Ion Exchange Resins - (56 companies)
    Ion exchange resins are typically porous, cross-linked polystyrene beads that trap ions (iron, manganese, etc.) in a solution, usually water, while releasing (or exchanging) other ions (sodium, etc.). They are used to reduce water hardness. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...of the biggest contributors to corrosion we typically see with industrial water treatment equipment (softeners, filters and dealkalizers) are galvanic action and contact with air. Microsoft Word - Engineering Notes-Piping.doc ENGINEERING NOTES. What piping materials, black steel piping with cast iron...

...with a conventional sodium cycle water softener - deaerator pretreatment. Annual chemical savings are over $76,000 and "cycle-up" energy savings are over $15,000 savings using a dealkalizer with chloride form anion ion exchange resin. Reductions in condensate piping replacements can add further cost savings...

softener using sodium cycle ion exchange. resins. Water is used in a poultry processing plant for both scalding and washing of the. birds. Scalding is sometimes more commonly recognized as part of the de-. feathering process. Washing is a later step in the process and exactly as. described... R &D labs. Abbott couldn?t consistently meet microbial requirements at the stills? sample feed points, and it couldn?t discover the root cause of the problem. The pretreatment system for each still was comprised of duplex water softeners, carbon filters and a thermal treatment unit (TTU...

AND THE. OPERATION OF THE WATER SOFTENER IS IMPECCABLE. A decidedly safer and simpler approach is to simply add a properly sized acid. neutralizer. Acid neutralizers have no moving parts and unlike chemical feed. systems do not require pH sensors, metering pumps, or any ongoing calibration. services... softener that is regenerated with salt. The water being treated has a TDS level of 4,000 -. 7,000mg/L. The specified target hardness level in the treated stream is <1ppm. In actual service the ion. exchange softener is consistently producing water with a hardness level <0.5ppm. Some novel...

...c. i. -C a. u tn. i. q o. L C. Ultra. Point of Use. Filters. RO Unit. Raw. Softener. RO. UV Lights. Water. Tank. Tank. This product is to be used only by persons familiar with its use. It must be maintained within the stated limitations. All sales are subject to Seller’s terms and conditions. Purchaser...

Alternating between weak and strong cation exchange, the produced-water treatment system reduced hardness to less than 1 mg/L without the use of hazardous acid and caustic for softener. regeneration, for Seneca Resources in California....

...from cars to submarines to defense to healthcare. During the battery separator production process, Daramic uses three 100 to 150 lb boilers for their heating needs. Daramic used sand filters, water softeners and chemicals for pretreatment of the water prior to it going to the boilers. These water...

...thick-spoked, 18-in. alloy wheels. A nifty option -- a metal-bar bed extender -- attaches to the 5.5-ft truckbed. We loaded it with several 50-lb bags of water-softener salt and 60-lb bags of cement, a handy way to keep them from sliding around. You can also flip the extender onto the lowered...

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