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  • White Paper: Importance of Managing Impedances in the Bypass Path for a Distributed Static Switch (1+N) System
    When a system is on inverter, the inverter power sharing algorithm controls each UPS. module's output voltage magnitude and phase angle to evenly distribute the power. However,. when the system is on bypass, the power flows through the Backfeed Breakers (BFB) and. Bypass Static Switches (BPSS
  • Novel Silicon-on-Insulator SP5T Switch-LNA Front-end IC Enabling Concurrent Dual-band 256-QAM 802.11ac WLAN Radio Operations
    An innovative SOI SP5T switch-LNA integrated circuit is presented. The switch-LNA consists of a diplexer that provides out-of-band rejection and enables dual-band concurrent operation, a dual-band LNA with bypass attenuators, and three high linearity transmit paths. Tx paths feature 0.1 dB
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    sensors protect the transducers. A 6-ft hose can be used for remote fogging, and a belt clip assists in easy transportation. The fogger is equipped with a trigger-bypass switch for continuous fog use. Two battery packs are included with the device; each battery lasts for approximately 50 minutes
  • A152 Broadband Attenuator Relay
    An innovative electromechanical attenuator relay - which incorporates the attenuator circuit and bypass path inside the relay - is finding a growing list of applications because it extends the frequency range of the attenuator while maintaining an ultraminiature package size. Ultraminiature
  • Solid-state RF switches
    reflect RF energy back to the source. Negative bias lets RF energy bypass the diode and get to the load. One problem with PIN-diode switches is that they dissipate power when biased on. So RF switches incorporated into integrated circuits are more likely to use MOSFETs rather than diodes
  • MICRO: Spotlight
    when planarization is reached, preventing overpolishing. (S.F., South Hall, Booth 417) The HPS Integrated LoPro (ILP) two-stage valve from is a vacuum poppet valve and a bypass valve in a single unit. The valve's compact size and ultracompact limit-switch option assure that it will fit into tight
  • LED s Shine On
    8226; LEDs now go into critical and safety applications. * Power surges and ESD events can destroy LEDs. * Open-LED protectors bypass power around defective LEDs. The light-emitting-diode (LED) lighting market is growing quickly, thanks in part to aggressive global government mandates. LEDs now go

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