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    ...customizable microprocessor compiler and microprocessor debugger solutions. Developers use microprocessor and IC programmers, compilers and debuggers to build the machine language components that assemble bit patterns, or the linked bits necessary to deliver... Learn More
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    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - (55 companies)
    ...are also available. Typically, an integrated development environment (IDE) includes a source code editor, a compiler or interpreter, build automation tools, and a debugger. Sometimes, versioning control is included to help computer programmers... Learn More
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    ...and binary code management includes resource compilers, resource editors, source checkers, and debuggers. Programming languages with compiler construction tools and programming language grammars are also available. Learn More
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Conduct Research for separate compilation; A high-performance native code compiler, in addition to a Caml Light-style bytecode compiler. Objective Caml is available for Unix and Windows 95/NT, with the native-code compiler supporting the following processors: Alpha, Sparc, Pentium, Mips, Power, HPPA. Both...

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  • ECOOP 2008 – Object-Oriented Programming
    In case of synchronized blocks, the source-to- bytecode compiler (e.g., javac) generates explicit calls to the JVM’s implementation of the bytecode-level monitorenter and monitorexit primitives.
  • Formal Methods for Components and Objects
    While a number of research advances will certainly be required to develop a fully verified Java bytecode compiler to completion, the fact that we start from intermediate code (and not high-level code) leads us to believe that the overall goal of...
  • ECOOP 2000 — Object-Oriented Programming
    In fact, although Lisp and Smalltalk systems embodied their own compilers written in terms of itself and executable at run-time, they are typically source-to- bytecode compilers , and not bytecode-to-native code compilers, which JITs are.
  • Genetic Programming Theory and Practice VIII
    As far as we were able to uncover, with the exception of the IBM Jikes Compiler (which has not been under development since 2004, and which does not support modern Java), no Java-to- bytecode compiler is optimizing.
  • Harissa: A hybrid approach to Java execution
    Several solutions to this trade-off have been proposed, including just-in-time (JIT) and offline bytecode compilers .
  • Compiling Java just in time
    A Java source-to- bytecode compiler , such as the javac program of the JDK, compiles the classes that constitute a Java program.
  • Reflection and Software Engineering
    In order to create a classfile with annotation information, we either employ an extended version of source-to- bytecode compilers such as javac; for classfiles without source, we could use a tool to add such annotation in an automated way; in fact...
  • ECOOP 2002 — Object-Oriented Programming
    Bytecode compiler .
  • Embedded Java Security
    Jbed features two dynamic compilers, namely, the Fast Bytecode Compiler (Fast BCC) and the Fast Dynamic Adaptive Compiler (Fast DAC).
  • Implicitly Heterogeneous Multi-Stage Programming
    Not surpris- ingly, C consistently outperforms the OCaml bytecode compiler .