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Conduct Research for separate compilation; A high-performance native code compiler, in addition to a Caml Light-style bytecode compiler. Objective Caml is available for Unix and Windows 95/NT, with the native-code compiler supporting the following processors: Alpha, Sparc, Pentium, Mips, Power, HPPA. Both...

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Bytecode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Virtual Machine (AVM), which is part of Flash Player and AIR. ActionScript code is typically transformed into bytecode format by a compiler.

Java bytecode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
developerWorks journal, "Understanding bytecode and what bytecode is likely to be generated by a Java compiler helps the Java programmer in the same

GCJ: The GNU Compiler for Java - GNU Project - Free Software...
It can compile Java source code to Java bytecode (class files) or directly to native machine code, and Java bytecode to native machine code.

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The Caml language: Home
It comes with a native-code compiler that supports numerous architectures, for high performance; a bytecode compiler, for increased portability; and

The OCaml system is open source software: the compiler is distributed under the terms of the Q Public License, and its library is under LGPL; please

JiBX: Binding XML to Java Code
Binding Compiler Binding on Load Runtime

The Nice programming language
 o Presentation  o Tutorial  o Manual (online, PDF, PS)  o Getting started  o Using the compiler

SmallTalk bytecode compiler - USF Computer Science 652 -...
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31. Python compiler package
Python compiler package The Python compiler package is a tool for analyzing Python source code and generating Python bytecode.

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