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Magnetically actuated endoscope coupler invention
perspective view of a magnetically actuated endoscope coupler shown in combination with endoscope mount; [0018 FIG. 2 is a diagrammatic

Shape-from-Shading under Near Point Lighting and Partial views...
(c) During surgery an endoscope consisting of a camera and one or more light sources is inserted through a small inci- sion into the body and the
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JVC Professional Press Releases page
to optimize endoscope performance, and has a 24mm fixed endoscope coupler and a 13-28mm parfocal zoom coupler available for endoscope attachment.

AZURE Photonics U.S.A., Inc
Products >> Endoscope TV adapters, C-mount, soakable BACK
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Canada Endoscope: High Definition Camera
C-Mount coupler The C-Mount coupler is designed to attach an endoscope to a surgical camera head.
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Stryker for sale : TriGild Factory Vendors
STRYKER 24mm C MOUNT COUPLER 1088-210-122 STRYKER 1088 24mm C- Mount Coupler STRYKER 988 24mm C- Mount Coupler

The International Journal of Robotics Research OnlineFirst,...
It also has its own integrated lighting KEY WORDS--endoscope, minimally invasive surgery, sur- system that is part of the camera assembly.

Fixed Focus C-Mount Video Coupler | Boroscopes | Shop...
Fixed Focus C-Mount Video Coupler buy now Flexbar Fixed Focus C-Mount Video Coupler For Flexible and Rigid Borescopes?

Endoscope camera video endoscopy for rigid and flexible...
area, along with removeable C-mount couplers that allow you to focus the image close up to the tip of the endoscope, or further away from the tip for

Easy economy video endoscopy camera for rigid and flexible...
Universal C-mount Eyepiece coupler to connect with various rigid and flexible endoscopes

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