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Parts by Number for C Latch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
74C373 OCTAL LATCH National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
C89014006 Allied Electronics, Inc. NORTHERN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Not Provided hardware,d-subminiature accessory,locking posts for slide latch kit
C710 PLC Radwell Southco Panel Accessories, Enclosure Accessory/Kits LATCH SOFT DRAW SS FRONT MOUNT
C23345 PLC Radwell Southco Panel Accessories, Enclosure Accessory/Kits LEVER LATCH ADJUSTABLE BLACK
C23215 PLC Radwell Southco Panel Accessories, Enclosure Accessory/Kits LATCH LEVER ADJUSTABLE BLACK
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Conduct Research Top

  • Optimize Latch Selection
    . Link 3. Add. Link 4. EMKA USA. News. Products. Site Map. Terms of Use. Contact. Privacy Policy. (C)2013 EMKA, Inc. | 1961 Fulling Mill Rd., Middletown, PA 17507 | | Branded by North Star
  • Latch-Up Protection for MOSFET Drivers
    this is the temperature dependence of the. parasitic transistors. Their base emitter voltage. TC913. decreases ≈ 2.2 mV/°C as temperature increases,. making them increasingly more sensitive to transients. as the chip temperature rises. Many times a system,. VS-. which performed admirably on the bench
  • Improving the Susceptibility of an Application to ESD-Induced Latch-up
    at 25°C. The period of the oscillation is governed by the relation-. ship: ω = 1. R2. LC 4L2. where L, C and R are the inductance, capacitance and. resistance of the oscillating circuit, and w is the fre-. quency of the oscil ation. Since R and L are very small,. and C is 200 pF, the oscillation
  • Software Implementation of I²C Bus Master
    his application note describes the software implementation of I 2 C interface routines for the PIC16CXXX family of devices. Only the master mode of I 2 C interface is implemented in this application note. This implementation is for a single master communication to multiple slave I 2 C devices. Some
  • Using C to Interface 8051 MCUs with SPI Serial EEPROMs
    AN1193 Using C to Interface 8051 MCUs with SPI Serial EEPROMs The main features of the 25XXX serial EEPROMs are: Author: Alexandru Valeanu * SPI-compatible serial interface bus Microchip Technology Inc. * EEPROM densities from 128 bits to 512 Kbits * Bus speed from 3 MHz to 20 MHz INTRODUCTION
  • Selecting Spring Loaded Devices
    the following special modifications: - threads - lengths - knobs. - spring pressure - colors - kitting, packaging and labeling. For assistance selecting a spring loaded device for your application, contact our Technical Sales Associates (800-877-8351). J.W. Winco, Inc. (C) 2011
  • Sleep Mode For Function Generators
    the shift load pins and re-. 216 discrete frequencies can be generated. moving C . L. A 14-bit binary counter, 74HC4060, driven by a crys-. Note that the +5V power supply to the IC’s is gener-. tal oscillator generates a 16-bit clock sequence for the. ated from the +15V of the function generator, which
  • Hurricane 360 (656-G) Manual
    nominal/Charge nominale. Serial No./. Nº de serie/No. de Ser. Purchase Date/. Fecha de compra/Date d'achat. C. Follow all instructions and warnings for. Siga todas las instrucciones y adver-. Suivez toutes les instructions et avertisse-. inspecting, maintaining and operating. tencias para inspeccionar

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