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  • C TM Memory Autodetect
    of our discussion. If in both cases we end up reading a 1, that tells us that. What is new here, is that we moved to function SETI2C. it was a Smart Serial memory. If a 0 was read, then it. 2. (lines 112..152) all the code that deals with the details. was a Standard I C serial memory. of the addressing
  • Modifying PIC16C54A Code for the PIC16C58A
    1. 0000 00030 C equ 0. 001B 00031 pb_buf equ 0x1b. 001C 00032 count equ 0x1c. 001D 00033 templ equ 0x1d. 001E 00034 temph equ 0x1e. 001F 00035 flag equ 0x1f. 00036 #define KeyPressed flag,7. 00037 #define KeyReleased flag,6. 00038 #define LtoR flag,5. 00039 ;. 00040
  • Modular Mid-Range PICmicro (R) KEELOQ (R) Decoder in C
    This application note describes a KEELOQ (R) code hopping decoder implemented on a Microchip Mid-range Enhanced FLASH MCU (PIC16F872). The software has been designed as a group of independent modules (standard C source files "C" ). For clarity and ease of maintenance, each module covers a single
  • Using C to Interface 8051 MCUs with SPI Serial EEPROMs
    ). The firmware is written in the 8051’s C compiler for the. NXP P89LPC952 MCU using the Keil™ µVision® IDE. It was developed on the Keil MCB950 evaluation. board. The code can easily be modified to use any. available I/O lines. DS01193A-page 2. © 2008 Microchip Technology Inc. AN1193. INITIALIZATION
  • Morse Code Signalling Simulation on 2030/40 Series Avionics Signal Generators (.pdf)
    , dashes or alternate dots and dashes on the inner, middle. a. For dots enter as Default Tone 1. and outer markers respectively. b. For dashes enter as Extended Tone 1. The Morse Code Protocol. c. For inter-letter spaces enter as Default Tone 0. The Morse code protocol is internationally defined
  • Using C and a Timer to Interface 8051 MCUs with UNI/O(TM) Bus-Compatible Serial EEPROMs
    bus, a low-cost, easy- * Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C to-implement solution requiring only a single I/O pin for * Over 1,000,000 erase/write cycles bidirectional communication. This application note is part of a series that provide UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs can be used to source
  • Using C and a Timer to Interface MSP430 MCUs with UNI/O(TM) Bus-Compatible Serial EEPROMs
    AN1186 Using C and a Timer to Interface MSP430 MCUs with UNI/O TM Bus-Compatible Serial EEPROMs Some of the main features of 11XXX serial EEPROMs Author: Alexandru Valeanu are: Microchip Technology Inc. * Single I/O pin used for communication * EEPROM densities from 1 Kbits to 16 Kbits * Extremely
  • PIC16C57 Based Code Hopping Security System Application Note (pdf)
    and Source Code. AN645. Products. Applications. Design Support. Training. Sample & Buy. About Us. Contact Us. (C)Copyright 1998-2012 Microchip Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Shanghai ICP Recrdal No.09049794