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Parts by Number for Cable Converter Manual Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FA-UNICON Not Provided Communications / Serial / Serial Isolators & Converters . The FA-UNICON provides no signal isolation so it is not recommended for noisy industrial environments. Connection to a PC RS-232 COM port requires a custom cable.
F2-UNICON Not Provided Communications / Serial / Serial Isolators & Converters RS-232C to RS-422 converter. Converts RJ12 RS-232C port to a DB25male RS-422 port. Powered directly from the 5V pins on most Direct LOGIC CPU ports. Includes 1 ft. cable with two RJ12 6P6C plugs, DIN rail mounting kit, and manual. The F2-UNICON provides no signal isolation so it is not recommended...
FA-ISOCON Not Provided Communications / Serial / Serial Isolators & Converters Universal, isolated RS-232C to RS-422/RS-485 converter. Switch selectable for ANTE (Automatic Network Transmitter Enable) or RTS/CTS handshaking, works with all DirectLOGIC PLC families and virtually any serial device. Isolation reduces network data problems caused by noisy environments. Powered...

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  • Cable Reels
    HANDLING DESCRIPTION: Transferring pairs of cable reels from the staging dock to a flat bed trailer. PROBLEM: The common procedure is to put a lifting bar through the reels' axle hole and lift with a pair of slings on a spreader bar. This requires the operator to lift a heavy steel bar and push
  • Using Fiber Media Converters with Copper Networks (.pdf)
    converter must be able to. “simulate a cable.” Sounds simple enough, but when media. converters are used in pairs the “cable” actually consists of two. copper cables and two fiber cable (see Fig. 2 below). This. increased complexity has motivated the introduction of the. “Link Fault Pass-through
  • Doing Away With Cable Spaghetti - A One-Cable Solution for Gigabit Ethernet Cameras (.pdf)
    . Externally, the cameras are difficult to distin-. of two cameras can be connected to this. Data. The true one-cable solution. guish from the standard series. Despite a com-. transmission is transparent and has no effect on. has become reality. plex DC-isolated DC/DC converter at the input. the data rate
  • Media Converters (.pdf)
    and click on “Talk to an Expert.”. You’l be live with one of our technical experts in less than 30 seconds. 724-746-5500 | Page 2. Media Converters. Introduction. Network backbone and long-distance applications have long taken advantage of fiber optic cable. However, horizontal
  • Video: Using CTLB Series Cable for Running Through 3/4
    This techical artical covers the steps to run CTLB series cable through... Video: Using CTLB Series Cable for Running Through 3/4" Conduit. Cart is Empty. Home. Request Catalog. Custom Cables. Product Wizards. Technical Resources. Contact Us. Using CTLB Series Cable for Running Through 3/4" Conduit
  • Understanding A/D Converter Performance Specifications
    . Although this restriction requires that a sin-. cable to all A/D converters, specific attention is given to. ®. gle-ended source is connected to the A/D converter,. features of the stand-alone and PICmicro A/D con-. the input stage maintains the ability to cancel small. verters produced by Microchip
  • Cable Solutions for Servo and Variable Frequency Drives
    Learn about frequency converter technology, common negative effects, and how cable design and materials provide reliable solutions. Electric drive systems have many benefits, including continuous torque and speed control. However, frequency converters also come with negative side-effects
  • Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
    to an analog voltage by use of a TC9400 F/V converter. Digital Display. Twisted. Pair Cable. V. TC9400. IN. Counter. V/F. Differential. Differential. Gate. Latch Reset. Driver. Line. Receiver. Time Base. Analog Display. 9400. F/V. FIGURE 13: High noise immunity data transmission. DS00795A-page 6. © 2002

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