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  • Cable Solutions for Servo and Variable Frequency Drives
    Learn about frequency converter technology, common negative effects, and how cable design and materials provide reliable solutions. Electric drive systems have many benefits, including continuous torque and speed control. However, frequency converters also come with negative side-effects
  • Minimize Electrical Interference for Railroad Monitoring Systems
    In order to minimize electrical interference in a communication system between train stations, industrial media converters were used to connect RTUs and PLCs to Ethernet switches by fiber optic cable.
  • iLoad Mini Application Note
    The iLoad Mini is shipped with a cable that terminates in a male USB Mini-B 5-pin connector that plugs in to a Loadstar Sensors's DQ1000 family Frequency Converter interface. If you wish to use the iLoad Mini as a standalone frequency sensor, you may cut off the Mini-B connector and connect
  • Computer Power User Article - Mighty Motherboard Toolbox
    office light, the cable's glow was not that impressive. But in darker rooms, and with other mod-minded toys installed, these cables would be a nice touch. The RocketHead 100 SATA converter is designed to give your IDE hard drive a speed boost. It comes with the SATA power splitter you need for your
  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    . A generator supplies the high-frequency electrical energy to the system power module. A cable feeds the power to the converter and the piezoelectric ceramics expand and contract in response to the sinusoidal, high-frequency electrical signal. The titanium cylinder transmits this mechanical vibration
  • Etherbus Industrial Fieldbus Solutions with PoE
    A fieldbus combines power and communications into a single cable. It simplifies system wiring, reduces maintenance time, and reduces costs in many ways. Fieldbus products have been around for a long time. They are accepted and certainly field proven. They offer unique advantages and are a good
  • High- Precision Data Acquisition Boards - Why You Should Buy, Not Design
    to full power bandwidth, slew rate, filtering, cable loading, and so on. The engineer only has to interface to the board to get all the benefits of the core analog system.
  • CANpressure
    , the analog to digital converter and the sensor output in digital engineering units. The CANpressure solves the noise problems associated with senor cable runs. The CANpressure features a user selectable filter and user selectable sample rate up to 2kHz. Characteristics often associated with much

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