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  • Principles of Marine Bioacoustics
    Assembly drawing of the USRD J9 transducer; 1, rubber seals ; 2, rubber O-rings; 3, cable gland ; 4, magnet; 5, lead; 6, rubber jacket; 7, grille; 8, slit filled with silicone oil response 9, magnesium diaphragm ; 10, diaphragm housing; 11, front pole...
  • CR4 - Thread: Pressure Transmitter Placement and Adjustments
    Previous in Forum: Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Seal & Snubber Next in Forum: Cable Gland and Plug Application on I.S Application .
  • CR4 - Thread: Difference between IS & NIS cable
    Previous in Forum: Confusion in Choosing Snubber/Syphon and Diaphragm Seal You might be interested in: Cable Glands , Cable Laying Services, Cable Assemblies .
  • Repeater design for the Newfoundland¿Nova Scotia link
    Outside the brass cover is a larger chamber closed by a flexible polyvinylchloride (p.v.c.) diaphragm and containing p.i.b.—a viscous liquid—which prevents sea water coming into direct contact with the bulkhead seal and the gland assembly. ...clamps for attaching the repeater housing to the armour wires of the sea cable , and the housing...
  • The Development And Utilisation Of The Fluid-Filled Electrical Connector
    Based on the well-proven "stuffing- gland deslgn" but wlth many detall refinements such as the lntroductlon of flexlble diaphragms and lnternal boot seals . ...protectlon agalnst water lngress and allows the termlnatlon to be remade In the event of cable damage.
  • High voltage cable practice
    For the purposes of faujt loca- tion the cable run is divided into sections by semi-stop... These are similar to ordinary joints but have stuffing glands giving an almost perfect oil seal except for the slow migration through the compressed insulation. A diaphragm designed to rupture at 500 lb/in2 is in each of two safety heads connected to...
  • High-Fidelity Underwater Sound Transducers
    Rubber seals , rings, (i) cable gland , (3 magnet, (®) lead, rubber jacket, (g grille, slit filled with silicone oil, ®3 mag- .nesium diaphragm , () diaphragm housing, .
  • SISL Project Power Feedthrough Development
    The receptacle (male pins) is installed into the TH and tenninates directly to the ESP motor cable . 'The receptacle gland features a field attachable and testable cable tennination that is 'gel' filled and pressure... ...pressure bal- anced nose section, housing three socket contacts, insulated by individual elastomerlc diaphragms also containing oil. When disconnected a spring biased slmttle pin passes through the contacts sealing each chamberwithrespect to each other...