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  • Chapter 4: Improving Brand Awareness On GlobalSpec
    Festoon systems are mobile supports for electrical cables or pneumatic lines that allow the cable to move with a hoist , trolley , or other mobile equipment without fouling. The Generic Pharmaceutical Association recently held its annual meeting in Boca Raton, Fla.
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    ...goalkeeper and catcher in baseball) } { thrombolytic, thrombolytic_agent, clot_buster, pharmaceutical,@ (a kind of pharmaceutical that can break... eye at the end of a rope or a chain or a cable in order to... } { tow_truck, tow_car, [ wrecker,,+ ] truck,@ (a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked... ...that is used in trolling; "he used a spinner as his troll") } { trolleybus, trolley _coach, trackless_trolley, bus...
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  • Delikts right
    ...of § 823 paragraph 2 148-claim of § 824 paragraph 2 154 - pharmaceutical law 296 - doctor... ...127 action adhesion 242, 269, 275 budgetary management 187 domestic animal 172 ff lifting platform-case 23... Rectifier privilege Specific risk 83, 242, 253 sport car -case 22 state adhesion 193,205,209 state adhesion law (StHG) 193,197 storage... ...StVG) 82, 140, 179 ff, 237 ff, 249 ff strike more illegal 73 current cable -case 31,68 subsidiarity...
  • Plant Maintenance Product | Konecranes' DynAPilot sway control system improves load control for all makes and models of overhead lifting equipment | Plant Serv...
    They can also apply faster speeds in process areas where the crane or trolley traditionally required operation... ...lessening the burden on travelling motors and reducing stress on wire ropes, power cables , rope drums, crane... • Harrington Hoists ' NER-FG Series food-grade electric chain hoists are built to handle material... Pharmaceutical Manufacturing .
  • Technical Dictionary: English - French
    ...headlights; code : regulation headlight; baisser les -s : to dim the lights. pharmaceutiques (produits --) : pharmaceuticals . phase (e'ape) : stage... Koepe pulley hoisting ; non motrice (poulie-guide ou intermediaire) : idler; - en porcelaine (electricite) : porcelaine pulley; - de queue... production incentive; systeme de - : production bonus plan. principal: main; cable - : main cable; tuyauterie -e : grosse tuyauterie : main... ...froid : cold shaped; -s legers : light sections; -s lourds : heavy sections; fil de trolley - : shaped trolley-wire...
  • Legal report
    The lying frame lifted it only few centimeters of the bottom now and then Foot were devices... The Dr. F. telephoned then the fire brigade and the medical assistant of the hospital, Dr. S. for the purpose of delegation of an ambulance This informed it, that it has a patient that alcoholizes, is in police detention. ...the wall shackles on hands took from it and tied the hands with cable ties on the... ...that G. by a larger amount on alcohol also heroin (Morphin) and diazepamhaltige medicaments (Sleep and sedatives...

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