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  • Noise and Signal Distortion Considerations
    . Zo. Round trip delay is equal to the cable length mul-. If cable lengths are in excess. tiplied by 1.7ns/ft. Note that the RC time constant of. of 30 ft., use of differential line. this type of termination can reduce the system fre-. driver outputs along with dif-. quency response. ferential type
  • To Flex or Not to Flex: That is the Question!
     construction methods and materials are used depending on the cable . flexing movement. For example: torsional cables will have a different lay length and . cabling method from a rolling flex cable. The performance of a cable is evaluated using . physical test data and statistical analysis to produce what
  • Shielding connection
    the metal shield-. conducts a current through the shield structure (building. ing (boxes and tube) is two–three times greater than the. structure; PE conductor, boxes and cable shielding). The. penetration depth, a minimal current will fl ow to the. current in turn gives rise to a counter fi eld
  • Noise Suppression of Differential Signals
    degradation is the cable length. All cable has small amounts. of capacitance between its adjacent conductors, and this capacitance is a direct function of the cable’s. length. This capacitance tends to round off the leading edge on the square wave signal. If rounding is. excessive, the receiving
  • Medical Device Link .
    in. diam. The motor has been designed with a large inner-rotor dimension to accommodate a myriad of mounting configurations including light-beam passage or wire and cable channeling. Servo Magnetics Inc., 6660 Variel Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303. SlidesDesigned for applications requiring high accuracy
  • Medical Device Link .
    that precisely coils and then tapes tubing in a single operation. S-Y-M Products Co., P.O. Box 112160, Stamford, CT 06911. Wall-thickness scanner An ultrasonic scanner is designed for noncontact wall-thickness measurement of tubes, small pipes, and cable jackets. The UMAC A10CF-4K scanner measures
  • Support Plate & Molds
    PanelsPlaster of Paris Molds Food & Beverage 5 Gallon BucketsBlood BucketCardboard boxCondiment Bottles Furniture Cardboard boxCounterweightsWood Panel HVAC Electric PanelsHVAC Damper ShroudsSheet MetalSteel Panels Metal Fabrication Cable ReelsGas CylindersMachining PalletsRolls of Aluminum
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    Product Finder. Circulation Heaters. Electric Heating Cable Systems. Strip Heaters. Cartridge Heaters. Immersion Heaters. Tubular Heaters. Band Heaters. Process Air and Duct Heaters. Radiant Heaters. Comfort Heaters. Flexible Heaters. Laboratory Equipment. Controllers, Meters and Switching Devices