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  • Quantum leap for digital cable
    cabletelevision transmission line with some added features, including superconducting circuits with zero electrical resistance and multitasking data bits that obe y the unusual rules of quantum physics. The cable might someday be used in computers that rely on quantum behavior to break codes, search
  • Out of the Frying Pan and Onto the Cable - Teflon (R) and other Fluoropolymers (.pdf)
    fluoropolymers possess special electrical properties and have a high resistance to solvents, acids and bases.These and other characteristics make fluoropolymers ideal materials used in the manufacture of wire and cable products.
  • Cable Testing Glossary
    The continuous electrical path between 2 or more points wherein current flows. This path has low resistance, usually less than 5 ohms. The path is constructed with metal parts, such as copper wire, contacts, terminations, splices, and mating contacts of connectors.
  • Testing for Flame Resistance of Electrical Cables
    . The NEC deals primarily with fire hazards in buildings, whereas UL and CSA deal with requirements based on use. What flame test are applicable? Small scale flame testing. CSA - Minimum mandatory horizontal flame test for Flexible Cord (Finished Cable). (1700 BTU - 500W). CSA- Vertical flame test
  • Expanded PTFE Polymer Keeps Electrical and Electronics Cables Clean and Flexible
    , but thin, light conductor insulation with a low dielectric constant, high dielectric withstanding voltage, and good tear resistance can help slim a cable's overall size and minimize flexural stress. ePTFE is one material
  • The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables
    as a coolant and lubricant, depending upon the requirements mandated by the end use application. Sustaining trouble free cable operation under harsh chemical and environmental conditions reduces costly manufacturing down time and helps to eliminate or minimize periodic maintenance and costly cable
  • Chainflex Cables Available With Over-Molded Connectors
    Igus Inc., the leading developer of Energy Chain cable carriers, Chainflex continuous-flex cables and iglide plastic bearings, now offers Chainflex cables with over-molded connectors. , the leading developer of Energy Chain cable carriers, Chainflex continuous-flex cables and iglide plastic
  • Medical Device Link .
    cable diameter. At the click of the mouse, the specifications transfer directly to product engineers,
  • North Hills Model DBT100A 1553 Network Tester User's Guide
    -to-shield test to differentiate between bus and stub failures. This test will only detect shorts-to-shield on the stub or cable it is connected to. This test cannot be used in systems which have a DC path-to-shield/ground (ie. MACAIR buses). These buses will show a stub conductor-to-shield short
  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    (as tested on grit-blasted steel at 144 F). Two other flame-retardant products from Devcon - 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR and Cable Cast FR - provide safety reliability in aerospace, mining, power distribution, and many other applications. Both are solvent-free and cure at room temperature. 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR

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