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  • How High in Frequency Are Accelerometer Measurements Meaningful
    ). cable) are not well defined, and the mounting attachment can also be a. we can find the corresponding wavelengths for the P and S waves in. variable. For example, an article in Machine Design (11/15/2002) notes. steel at 20 KHz. These calculate to be nominally 12 inches for the P-. that there are 75
  • Re-engineering Gives Converter Bang for Their Buck (.pdf)
    Electronics. process. systems that use an individual, discrete. Tension Roll transducer. Other Dover Flexo. transducer and cable connected to each end of. products have been integrated into its lines as. an idler roll, the Tension Roll has a single. well, such as indicators and brakes to enhance. cable
  • What are Force Gauges?
    to be measured. Reading can be taken in both directions - clockwise and counter-clockwise, and with the maximum reading pointer you have your measurement saved for easy reference. For example, these gauges are perfect for testing the nose wind vane and cable tension in most commercial aircraft
  • Investigation of the Influence of Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) on Calibration Results
    body. Fig. 3. Setup of the voltage ratio calibration with MGCplus measuring. was made of aluminum and based on the bending beam. amplifier and computer controlled calibration unit K148. principle. After the first calibration without TEDS an additional. 3.1. EMC Conformity. adaptor cable with the TEDS
  • What is Corona Treatment and Plasma Treatment and how it works!
    . * Treatment of the inner surface of needle hubs prior to. (1). bonding a stainless steel needle. * Treatment of electronic cable insulation to improve. adhesion of inks and coatings. (2). * Treatment of lids and covers of chemical containers. prior to gasket material application or printing. * Treatment
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the demands of other markets --wire and cable foremost among them--also served by gauging suppliers. In the wire industry, telecommunication markets demand a much higher level of precision than they did just a few years ago. Products that fall into Category 5, an Underwriters Laboratories rating
  • Medical Device Link .
    systems are emerging all the time. Examples include: New probes, sensors, and detectors, together with all their associated wiring, cables, and connectors, have become an integral part of these medical systems. Until the last three years, cable harnesses, with connectors, were one of the larger
  • Medical Device Link .
    as "the world's first intelligent digital sensor of vital parameters," noting that no other such small medical sensor has a microprocessor built into its head to amplify and digitize data. He adds that this integrated design allows for the use of a thin and highly flexible four-wire cable, whereas

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