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  • Hydro-Lance TM Collects Airborne Dust During Repackaging/Bagging of Calcium Chloride Beads
    The Plant Manager at Ulrich Chemical Inc. was experiencing corrosion, plugging and subsequent dust collection problems with their existing dry dust collector while packaging hygroscopic and corrosive calcium chloride beads. During rail car transportation and offloading, some of the calcium chloride
  • Determination of Ionized Calcium in Skim Milk
    Ionized calcium in skim milk can be measured directly in the normal range (1 mM to 4 mM) utilizing the Iotron Calcium Electrode. Potassium Chloride is added to both standard and sample for consistent ionic strength. Equipment: Meter: pH/Millivolt meter. Readability of 1 mV required, 0.1 mV
  • General Chemical Canada Cuts Costs, Eliminates Worries and Improves Quality Assurance With New Bag Marking System
    By beefing up its marking system for the thousands of 50 lb (20 kg) and 100 lb (40 kg) high density polyethylene bags of calcium chloride it produces each year, General Chemical Canada Ltd. has reduced labor costs, freed itself of worry about errors in its packaging process, and vastly improved its
  • New Method for Water Vapor Permeability Testing of Medicine Package
    such as agglomeration (such as sodium bicarbonate), deliquescence (such as calcium chloride, chloral hydrate), dilution (such as glycerol, lactic acid), going moldy (such as dextrose, pepsin), hydroxylation (such as penicillin) and oxidation (such as vitamin C). Such changes will bring difficulties
  • The role of sodium silicate
    soap and 2.0-3.5 kg/ton of calcium chloride are added just before the flotation cell. The target calcium hardness in the flotation cell is 250 ppm as calcium carbonate. The ink is floated off in a two-stage Voith flotation cell, at a pH of 8.2 - 8.5. Thereafter the pulp is again cleaned, screened
  • The role of sodium
    , the stock is diluted to a consistency of approximately 7% before the poire, 4% before the HD cleaners and 3% before the coarse screens. After screening further dilution to about 1% takes place, and 4 kg/ton of collector soap and 2.0-3.5 kg/ton of calcium chloride are added just before the flotation cell
  • Use of OWL (T)
    of magnesium sulphate. Calcium carbonate scaling in the Eo stage may be an issue with OWT(T). Therefore it is important to have well clarified white liquor and to remove Ca from the pulp by operating the D0 stage at a pH of <2.5. The reduction in black liquor Cl and K and the subsequent increase
  • Chemical Reactivity with Brush Materials
    . Calcium Acetate. Calcium Bisulfate. Calcium Bisulfide. Calcium Bisulfite Bleach Liquor. Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Chlorate. Calcium Chloride. Calcium Hydroxide. Calcium Hypochlorite 15%. Calcium Nitrate. Calcium Oxide. Calcium Sulfate. Calgon. Camphor. Cane Juice. Caprolactone. Carbitol. Carbolic Acid

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