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  • Calcium Aluminate Cements
    Calcium aluminate cements are used in special applications for early strength gain (design strength in one day); resistance to high temperatures; and resistance to sulphates, weak acids, and seawater. Portland cement and calcium aluminate cement combinations have been used to make rapid-setting
  • The conversion of a kraft linerboard machine
    THE CONVERSION OF A KRAFT LINERBOARD MACHINE FROM ACID TO ALKALINE SIZING Sappi Technology Centre, Paper Sciences Department, PO Box 3252, Springs, 1560, South Africa ASA, calcium carbonate, white top liner board, Kraft liner board, alkaline sizing, Ngodwana The high quality graphics used
  • The conversion
    . The wet end chemistry during the trial was found to be very steady and the buffering effect of the calcium carbonate ensured that the pH was stable throughout the trial. An environmental benefit that was seen was the reduction in sulphate produced during this trial due to the lower alum usage
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the bone-resorbing cells (the osteoclasts). Also, because magnesium binds strongly to phosphates, its presence influences the mineralisation of bony tissue through its control of hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate) formation. In the cardiovascular system, magnesium depletion is associated with cardiac
  • Optical Liquid Level Sensor Application Note (.pdf)
    . Magnesium Sulphate. Butane. Methanol. Butanol. Calcium Nitrate. Motor oil. Calcium Hyphochlorite. Nitric acid 10%. Carbon Tetrachloride. Oils - Vegetable. Chromic acid. Oxalic acid. Copper Sulphate. Creosote. Petroleum Ether. Cyclohexane. Potassium Hydroxide 10%. Cyclohexanol. Potassium Hydroxide 50%
  • Reference Guide: Typical Products Metered
    . Bread Chunks. 10. Bread Crumbs. 6.8. Bromine. 48. Bronze Powder. 81. Butiene Polymer Powder. 20. Butyl Zimate. 16. C. PRODUCT or MATERIAL. BULK DENSITY. (LBS./CU.FT.). Caffeine Powder. 17. Caffeine Powder. 31. Caffeine Pellets. 34. Cake Flour (Calcinated). 49. Cake Mix. 43. Cake Mixture. 36. Calcium
  • Gear Pump Material Compatibility and Viscosity Conversion
    Hydroxide). Caustic Soda. (See Sodium Hydroxide). Chloride of Lime. (See Calcium Hypochlorite). Chlorobenzene. C4H3Cl. Standard Fitted, Stainless Steel. Copperas (Green Vitriol). (See Ferrous Sulphate). All Iron. Creosote. All Iron. Cresol, Meta. CH3C4H4OH. All Iron. Cyanide. (See Sod, Cyanide & Pot
  • Use of OWL (T)
    of magnesium sulphate. Calcium carbonate scaling in the Eo stage may be an issue with OWT(T). Therefore it is important to have well clarified white liquor and to remove Ca from the pulp by operating the D0 stage at a pH of <2.5. The reduction in black liquor Cl and K and the subsequent increase

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