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  • Special probes for measurements of flow parameters in a gas-turbine engine
    Pitch and yaw angles of attack of calibrated probes were measured by vernier bevel protractor with accuracy 0°05’.
  • A Simple, Reproducible, and Cost Effective Axis Marking ...
    First, no error occurred between marks made with the calibrated slit-lamp and direct measurements made by an ophthalmic protractor ( beveled degree gauge; ASICO, Westmont, Illinois) on Styrofoam balls (mean error= 0°, standard deviation=0, n=10).
  • Design and control of a hydraulic press
    The accuracy of the actual vision measurement system was confirmed, within the whole measurement range, by manual measurements with a high-precision angle gage from Mitutoyo® , Universal Bevel Protractor . The calibration process confirm an accuracy of 0,5º.
  • The Relevance of Drop Tester Accuracy
    Measurement and Layout Devices—All measurement devices listed below were newly acquired and calibrated at the factory. • Mitutoyo 187 Series Universal Bevel Protractor —360° measuring capability, Vernier scale allows for readings up to five minutes of the arc.
  • Product assurance program plan
    Following is the frequency schedule for periodic calibrations . ...Gage Micrometers, Inside Micrometers, Depth Dial Indicators .001-.0001 Dial Indicators .001 Electro limit Masters Airlimlt Masters Plug Gages Ring Gages Thread Plug Gages Thread Ring Gages Gage Blocks (working & secondary) Gage Blocks (master) Vernier Bevel Protractor Sine Bar and Plate...
  • ZIMUB2013P021
    The dial indicator consists of a plunger-actuated dial, usually calibrated in 1/1000 of an inch. Some of these are inside micrometers, tubing wall measuring micrometers (one rounded anvil and one flat anvil), depth gages, thread-measuring gages, protractors and bevel protractors (to measure angles), levels (to measure variation from horizontal), inside and outside calipers, hole and plug...
  • Provide Calibration and Certification of Process Instruments
    Servicing, Repair, Lapping, Machining & Calibration Other Instruments:Gas Monitors / Analyzer,CO2 Mixer,Air Purity Analyzer,Dial Test Indicator,Vernier Height Gauges,Inside / Outside Micrometer,Gauge Block Sets / Setting Rods, Bevel Protractor ,Coating thickness Gauge .