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  • AN801 DSCA Calibration Procedure
    Using the module data sheet or module top label, determine the input and output ranges of the module. Connect a precision voltage source, current source, frequency source, RTD simulator, resistance or thermocouple simulator as appropriate to the input of the module. Set the input source to the value
    *NIST Technical Note 1347. "NIST Calibration Procedure for vertically polarized. Monopole Antennas, 30 KHz to 300 MHz. *ECSM (Equivalent Capacitance Substitution Method). *NPL (National Physical Laboratory Long Striplline
  • Calibration of the Broad Band UV Radiometer
    Mounting concern about the ozone layer depletion and the potential ultraviolet exposure increase accelerate the need for an accurate ultraviolet radiation monitoring. To assure the accuracy of measurement the instrument has to be well characterized and the calibration procedure has to be designed
  • Active Temperature Compensation & Calibration for MEMS Pressure Sensors with Constant Voltage
    This guide provides a simplified procedure for active temperature compensation by implementing a microcontroller and a minimal four-point calibration scheme.
  • Quik-Cal Technology Speeds Tension Measurement Setup (.pdf)
    . - No second person is needed. Each button is pressed once during the calibration procedure for one second and the settings are stored automatically. The new TI17C and TI18C tension indicators come standard with, and the TI17C is shown here to illustrate the ease-of-use in completing the ZERO
  • Procedure to Verify Proper Operation of Tachometers and Optical Sensors
    When a Tachometer/Sensor has a visible light output and has passed the fluorescent light calibration check, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE TACHOMETER ORSENSOR. We suggest trying a new piece of Reflective Tape or contrasting color, holdsteady and aim from the correct distance to obtain actual RPM.
  • The Thermal Performance of the Isotech Saturn Furnace
    on the calibration procedure used.
  • Calibrating the MTA11200 System
    This application note analyzes the calibration algorithm from theoretical and numerical approaches. It includes two calibration procedures, including information on setting up lab equipment, board modifications and additional hardware for the TrueGauge calibration. Lastly, it includes
  • An Issue in Time to Delamination (T260) Testing for PCBs (.pdf)
    and bottom of a 7 mm thick specimen. Modifications of the T260 test parameters, such as thermocouple location during the test and thermocouple calibration procedure are recommended.
  • Calibration or Verification of a GP:50 Pressure Transmitter
    The procedure below is a generic procedure for calibrating or verifying a pressure transmitter's accuracy.
  • Fotonic TM Sensor and Surface Finish or Smoothness Effects
    are significant in that they show a relatively small error in our standard calibration procedure regardless of the extreme variation in surface finish and condition. This accuracy exists up to a No. 63 surface finish with only about a .5 mil equivalent displacement error up to a No. 500 surface. The dynamic error

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