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    Scheduling Software - (70 companies)
    ...which is primarily used for planning and scheduling shifts. This type of work scheduling software is perfect for industries that operate on rotational work shifts, such as fire departments, call centers, and retail establishments. Patient scheduling... Learn More
  • Call Center Service Providers-Image
    Call Center Service Providers - (182 companies)
    How to Select Call Center Service Providers. Image Credit: Assocaited Press. Call center service providers operate customer service call centers for small companies. Selection Criteria. Call center services are used in a variety of industries... Learn More
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    Emergency Call Systems - (55 companies)
    ...with solar power as well. Emergency call systems are used in hospitals, doctor 's offices, nursing homes, parking lots, colleges or universities, airports, amusement parks, recreational centers, transit organizations, remote sites, senior housing areas... Learn More
  • Machining Centers-Image
    Machining Centers - (554 companies)
    ...that are used to automatically repeat operations on a workpiece. Common operations include drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, and boring. Most machining centers are numerically controlled. A CNC machining center uses computerized numeric control (CNC... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Load Centers - (46 companies)
    ...installations and large facilities. Load centers for three-phase power are also available, but residential breaker boxes are single-phase devices. Typically, load center are rated in amperage. In the United States, a typical home has a 200-amp... Learn More
  • Live Centers - (63 companies)
    ...weight), and the point style that is best for the given application. Live centers are available with a wide degree of points, which are the portions of the center, which pierce or hold the work piece. Common point types include standard points, bull... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tailstocks and Bench Centers - (23 companies)
    Tailstocks are used on lathes and other machine tools to support one end of the workpiece through contact with a live or dead center. Bench centers are table top mounted units that support a workpiece between two tailstocks during inspection... Learn More
  • Dead Centers - (40 companies)
    Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tool. They do not revolve with the workpiece. How to Select Dead Centers. Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tools - often... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC) - (15 companies)
    It acts as a central switchgear panel for the control of multiple motors in an industrial facility. Motor control centers contain a bus which provides power for all of the individual buckets. A control center is typically constructed as a vertical metal... Learn More
  • Lathes and Turning Centers - (728 companies)
    ...tool can manufacture various workpieces automatically according to tool paths generated by software and workpiece models. Other lathes and turning centers are commonly available. Lathes and turning centers are designed with a variety... Learn More
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...of the issues we have discussed in this article. You will be able to find out what kind of time frame to expect for implementation and may evaluate the usefulness and availability of the features that you need. While evaluating demonstration software you may call the distributor with questions and see...

...kind of time frame to expect for implementation and may evaluate the usefulness and availability of the features that you need. While evaluating demonstration software you may call the distributor with questions and see for yourself what kind of support is available and if it will readily meet your...

...gained the ability to service customer requirements during the initial. contact with a much higher degree of accuracy. A common practice for most manufacturers during a sales call. is to gather the details of a job, such as quantity and date needed, and respond back (sometimes days) later...

...flip through page after page of a supplier's paper catalog". Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that such "advances" in technology need to be treated with extreme caution. Unless roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and appropriate formal procurement processes established...

...for healthcare."1 IOM's subsequent reports in 2000 and again this year received widespread media attention because of their call for national adoption of EHRs to improve healthcare efficacy, patient safety, and operational efficiency.2,3 EHRs have the potential to improve the quality and coordination...

...enterprise system. We call it cradle-to-grave or complete product life-cycle management. The manufacturer can track and trace the entire process from product initiation to completion. And, when there is a failure in the field, the company can use the software to audit the production of the failed...

In other words, performing a PM task six times should generate at least one corrective work order. Where are the reliability problems? And where should maintenance technicians focus limited resources? Look at the total cost for work type or class emergency/breakdown and call-in repairs. Then sort...

...they were completed through a 40-person call center and entered into a complex ERP system. After implementing a scanning and wireless-enabled mobile solution for the sales team to use, the company realized dramatic improvement in both inventory control and replacement orders. Order replenishment...

...appropriate lubrication, but also through dusting down cooling fins on motors, vaccuuming the distribution board and cleaning the pool of oil under the machine so an increase in 'drip rate' is noticable. The TPMians will call this 'Defect Elimination' but the less educated amongst us call it common sense... transferred from one operation to another. Thus reducing the costs of maintenance optimisation and system development to each individual site. Maintenance call centres could receive work requests or work orders, with their corresponding agreed priorities, via cell phones telephone, email or via the clients...

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