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  • Spatial Encoding of Structured Light for Ranging With Single Camera (.pdf)
    . In other words, every single beam in the. probing beam matrix will be uniquely identified by its. spatial location in the image plane. Assume that a probing beam matrix is used as shown in. Figure 1. 2D beams. Object plane. Epipolar. Laser. lines. Grating. Camera lens. Image plane. Camera. Probing
  • Telecentric Lens Optimization for Machine Vision
    Industry and engineering go through many changed and require their machine vision systems to keep pace with the growing need for speed and accuracy in measurement, inspection and robotics. Today there are just as many camera lenses to choose from as camera types. Wide field, telecentric, CCTV
  • The latest developments in camera event capturing
    THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN CAMERA EVENT CAPTURING TECHNOLOGY Papertech Inc., 245 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V7P 2K1 paper & board machines, coaters, breaks, holes, edge faults, machine monitoring, event capturing, real-time analysis, break recording, presses, dryers, finishing, CCD
  • How Much Intelligence Does a Camera Need? (.pdf)
    The demands placed on the intelligence of a camera are determined in large part by the role the camera plays in image processing systems, and are based on the applications used. Today cameras are not only used for recording images but also for pre-processing image data. With 'intelligent” cameras
  • Right Angle Video Lens
    . observation of a slender rod of. ITI Solution. extruded material as it passed. between closely spaced. ITI engineers applied. processing stations. Space. their experience to design a. constraints were furthered by an. rugged video camera lens to. enclosure surrounding the. attach to a standard miniature
  • Case Study: Caught on Camera
    in an increasing need for more efficient and automated traffic enforcement solutions to make road safer for all users particularly in dense metropolitan areas. Caught on Camera - Allied Vision Technologies. Select your regionEurope, Middle East & Africa (English)The Americas (English)Asia Pacific (English
  • Case Study: AVT helps Laetus with Camera Cure-All
    change came to pass when the Stingray succeeded the recently discontinued Dolphin camera. “Historically, as new Laetus products were introduced, the variety of cameras grew larger and larger, even more so as we used different variants with straight or angled lens mounts,” recalls Günter Rodeck
  • Fast Camera Images of Flux Ropes During Plasma Relaxation
    ) camera generates time-resolved images of 1-3 flux ropes in the reconnection scaling experiment (RSX) device. During relaxation, flux ropes are observed to evolve toward states characterized by the presence of single and multiple helical mode structures. Index Terms-Cylindrical, dissipation, flux ropes