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  • The latest developments in camera event capturing
    advancements were made in CCD (charge coupled device) camera technology together with faster shutter speeds. This improved image quality together with higher resolution "Super" VHS format VCR's. The results of such an improved break recording system were reported by a Mid-Western paper mill (1
  • Camera Captures Spheromak Plasmas
    . Burgess. sion research, he said, because. intensified CCD camera with a. the dynamics of the three-di-. shutter speed of 3 ns to 1000 s. Contact: Carlos A. Romero-. mensional plasmas may be be-. and a single-stage microchan-. Talamás, California Institute of. yond the capabilities of computer. nel-plate
  • Case Study: Caught on Camera
    in an increasing need for more efficient and automated traffic enforcement solutions to make road safer for all users particularly in dense metropolitan areas. Caught on Camera - Allied Vision Technologies. Select your regionEurope, Middle East & Africa (English)The Americas (English)Asia Pacific (English
  • High-Speed Videography Using a Dense Camera Array (.pdf)
    We demonstrate a system for capturing multi-thousand frame-per-second (fps) video using a dense array of cheap 30fps CMOS image sensors. A benefit of using a camera array to capture high-speed video is that we can scale to higher speeds by simply adding more cameras. Even at extremely high frame
  • How to Get the Best Image Quality from Your IP Camera
    As video surveillance transitions from CCTV to IP technology, network integrators must keep pace with a fast-moving market and learn new strategies to optimize image quality. It takes more than just high pixel resolution or a popular camera sensor to truly optimize the image quality. In fact
  • Step Motor Automates Innovative Camera
    but a continuous image on a single 66-in. roll of film. Trying the idea out by taking some photos of race cars, Graves first shot the entire roll of film with the lens covered so that no light hit the film. He then aimed his camera at a car, opened the shutter, and manually rewound the film back through
  • Automatic Mechanical Shutter & Automatic Black Reference (.pdf)
    The use of an internal mechanical shutter has become one of the most popular features on our newest Phantom camera models. This Automatic Mechanical Shutter feature automatically shades the sensor during a Current Session Reference (CSR). This allows the camera operator to do a CSR without manually
  • Agricultural Aircraft Offer a Different View of Remote Sensing
    be equipped with digital still cameras, which can have higher resolution than video cameras. A computer program uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine when the plane passes over a desired area of the field and activates the camera's shutter. The slight lag time that occurs with digital

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