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DM164123 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided communication to the emulated devices on the bus can be managed and monitored. The PICkit Serial Analyzer is a low-cost development tool that allows communication between a PC and the serial protocol of the system under test. The PICDEM System Management board is populated with Microchip ’s...

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  • Programmable Attenuators for Wireless Products
    insertion loss. operation; momentary or fail-safe,. GHz. It is largely a factor of the. provides a two-wire serial bus struc-. Thus the performance of programma-. and latching. In momentary action. interrelationship between the SWR of. ture and protocol for connecting a. ble attenuators is always given
  • ESD Protection USB 2.0 Data Lines (.pdf)
    2.0 protocol uses 2 high-speed data lines). Background. will propagate down the data lines. Examples of USB 2.0 products. Universal Serial Bus (USB) products. toward the integrated circuitry. which can benefit from ESD. (PCI adapter cards, digital cameras,. Specifically, the IC of concern
  • Medical Device Link .
    involves not just picking the highest-quality components, such as controllers, motors, motor drives, and feedback sensors, but also planning how all of these components and others will work together in the finished system. A typical multiaxis x-y-z motion platform applied to a sample analyzer
  • Medical Device Link .
    for systemwide data consistency. The CAN controllers (hardware) implement what is known as the CAN protocol. All CAN controllers exhibit unified behavior with respect to the network. This includes powerful error handling and fault confinement, along with bus access priority by nondestructive bitwise
  • Hardware Integration with NI LabVIEW
    . Connectivity is made possible with driver software, which serves as the communication layer between LabVIEW and your hardware. LabVIEW driver software supplies seamless integration across multiple types of instruments, buses, and sensors, including data acquisition devices; boxed instruments; modular
  • Smart instruments and asset management systems
    between analog and digital control systems. data beyond process variables, diagnostics, and much. Bus communications drastical y increase the amount of. more. These systems are decreasing the cost of. transmissible information. Also, bidirectional. process instrumentation while providing much more
  • The Case for Synthetic Instrumentation (.pdf)
    analyzer [6]. A SI is similar to its VI cousins in that it is optimized for computer control and. does not have any physical interfaces, such as knobs or buttons. Users typically interact with a SI via a. software –defined graphical user interface which simulates a front panel for an entire SI, or its

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