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  • Implementation of an improved controller
    IMPLEMENTATION OF AN IMPROVED MODEL BASED CONTROLLER ON A BATCH PULP DIGESTER: VERIFICATION OF PREDICTIONS C. Sandrock and Philip L. de Vaal Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0001, South Africa process modelling, batch digester, digester control, kinetic
  • Implementing a Simple Serial Mouse Controller
    . It is an ideal candidate for a mouse controller. Implementing a Simple Serial Mouse Controller. AN519. Implementing a Simple Serial Mouse Controller. INTRODUCTION. THEORY OF OPERATION. The mouse is becoming increasingly popular as a. A mouse can be divided into several functional blocks: standard pointing data
  • Designing a Better Heating Controller for a Heated Clothing Company.
    . The current design allowed for the controller to be attached to the battery supply backwards. This backward assembly caused catastrophic failure to the chip and PCB. Further investigation suggested the current design allowed the user to connect too many accessories into the controller, overloading the circuit
  • Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    This technical brief describes a microcontroller based Soft-Start Controller circuit for a switching power supply. Start-up is a stressful time for the power driver section of a switching power supply. Because the output voltage is initially zero, the feedback error initially jumps to its maximum
  • Atmels' USB Wireless LAN Media Access Controller
    Atmel's AT76C503A is a single-chip USB controller that provides all the processing and functionality required for the Media Access Control (MAC) protocol of wireless LANs at up to 11 Mbps. It focuses on, but is not limited to the IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) standard. The AT76C503A provides a glueless
  • MICRO: Using an integrated controller to manage wafer-handling systems
    . Equipment also must run longer without failure, experience less downtime, and be more efficient with consumable materials than the systems used in today's 200-mm fabs. This article describes the BX controller, a single integrated process control system from Berkeley Process Control (Richmond, CA), which
  • Bigger Role for 16-bit Chips Bigger role for 16-bit chips
    by managing multiple serial interfaces such as Controller-area networks (CAN), Local-interconnect network (LIN) buses, and Serial-peripheral interfaces (SPI). These processes also have the horsepower to handle large control programs written in high-level languages. Even seemingly simple control nodes can
  • Self-testing chips take a load off ATE
    BIST controller. It should come as no surprise that Moore's Law of regularly doubling chip capacity is having an impact on automatic test equipment (ATE) for ICs. ATE, of course, applies patterns of signals and checks the response to make sure newly minted ICs are operating properly