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  • Network Gateways-Image
    Network Gateways - (416 companies)
    Network gateways interconnect networks with different, incompatible communication protocols. They perform a Layer-7 protocol-conversion to translate one set of protocols into another (for example, from TCP/IP to SNA or from TCP/IP to X.25). How...
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    Data and Voice Protocols
    IP Telephony
  • Serial Communications Products-Image
    Serial Communications Products - (423 companies)
    Serial communication products are used in industrial and commercial systems to transmit data bit-by-bit, or sequentially, over a single wire. They include serial servers, serial hubs, serial adapters, serial data converters, serial routers, and serial multiplexers.
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  • Network Routers-Image
    Network Routers - (529 companies)
    Network routers are protocol-dependent devices that connect subnetworks, or that break down a large network into smaller subnetworks.
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  • VoIP and IP Telephony-Image
    VoIP and IP Telephony - (484 companies)
    ...prescribe some or all of the operational characteristics of the hardware on which they will run. Popular network protocols include IPX, TCP/IP and AppleTalk (R). Other protocol choices include ATM, CANbus, ControlNet, DeviceNet, ARCNET, Ethernet...
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  • Serial Servers-Image
    Serial Servers - (98 companies)
    Serial servers are used to connect serial devices to a Local Area Network / Wide Area Network without additional hardware.
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    Serial Interfaces - (144 companies)
    Serial interfaces are used to connect or convert an analog signal to a serial-digital output signal, and to convert from one network standard to another.
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    Single Board Computers (SBC) - (310 companies)
    AppleTalk (R), AS-I, Interbus-S, Seriplex, CANbus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), P-Net, WorldFIP, Lon (R), HART (R), Beckhoff I/O, BITBUS, SDS, and SERCOS. Additional storage for single board computers can be hard drive, floppy drive...
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    Wireless Network Components - (389 companies)
    Wireless networking routers are wireless networking components that act as a gateway between an Internet connection, such as a cable modem, and a wireless network. Broadband routers are a combination of an access point and a switch, usually...
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    Network Equipment - (1949 companies)
    Network equipment is used to split, switch, boost, or direct packets of information along a network. This product area includes network hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, multiplexers, transceivers and firewalls. In addition to device type...
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    Fibre Channel Products - (48 companies)
    Mbps. Eventually, FC-AL or a similar fibre channel product is expected to replace SCSI in high-performance storage systems. Fibre channel products for storage area networks (SANs) include many types of switches, hubs, gateways, and bridges along...
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  • Optocouplers in Industrial Communications - white paper
    … Europe are projected to rise from their 2001 level of $170.2 million to $420.0 million … The hierarchy (Figure 1) of industrial networking includes: • Enterprise Level (Ethernet PCs, Servers, Gateways ) • Control Level (High performance Ethernet (HSE), Ethernet, ProfiNet) • Device Level (Profibus DP, DeviceNet ) • Sensor Level ( CANbus , Remote I/O .
  • Invocation of real-time objects in a CAN bus-system
    This feature is unique to the CANbus . An internet gateway for the embedded system. DeviceNet Specification 2.0 Vol. 1, Published by ODVA, 8222 Wiles Road - Suite 287 - Coral Springs, FL …
  • AS-interface® Simple, Robust, Device-Level Bus (.pdf)
    Today we are seeing some ProfibusDP networks being run with a power pair and a data pair in the same cable, similar to the CANbus networks. AS-interface does not have the glory of Ethernet or the sophistication of DeviceNet , or the speed … Manufacturing Subnets Gateway .
  • Micro Instrumentation
    Most modern field bus communication networks (i.e., Foundation Fieldbus, CANbus , PROFIBUS, SDS, ControlNet, LONworks, etc), inherently … … & play” magic is accomplished by requiring each device that will be connected to the network to … The DeviceNet ™ protocol, running in a controller area network (CAN), was initially selected as the communication … … controller (PCL), or a compact “hockey-puck” industrial microprocessor controller acting as a gateway between the NeSSI …
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Process II
    Thus this can make the gateway work properly. The experimental results show the new method is superior to the traditional one. Therefore, combining with their characteristics, some users have developed such user protocols- CANopen, Devicenet and SDS, which … CANBUS Trans Rec .
  • Materials Engineering and Automatic Control
    PROFIBUS-DP+ CANBUS According to the characteristic of polling principle and the CPS events model, proposed the polling principle of … … as Seed IP:, subnet mask:, gateway : 10.0.0 … The protector uplink their state information, operation data and fault information through isolation DeviceNet fieldbus or RS …
  • Springer Handbook of Automation
    The transition to Ethernet is simple and other gateways are possible. … 56.16 Ethernet IP: Ethernet/IP specification, Release 1.0., (ControlNet International and Open DeviceNet Ven- dor Association … tomation device and will be connected with a controller area network bus ( CANbus ) to the cross-section …
  • Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications II
    In contrast to the heavier load for each control unite under the condition of single network CAN BUS, the applied high-speed … … able to serve the control unites of corresponding response requirement separately, with DSP used as micro-control device and gateway . … level protocols in order to meet the application requirement of CAN BUS, represented by DeviceNet and CANopen. [5] Deng Zunyi and Ning Yi: Research on the Application of CANBUS in the Automobile Control System …
  • Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Communication, Electronics and Automation Engineering
    The gateway module structure … 10 m, and need to go through multi-hop to transmit the data to the sink node. … application process, producing a lot of application layer protocols such as CANopen, iCAN, Devicenet , SDS and so … … Technology, 57–58 (August 2008) [5] Giron-Sierra, J.M., Insaurralde, C., Seminario, M.: CANbus -based Distributed Fuel …
  • Mechatronics
    In the PLC additional data processing is performed in order to send control deviations to the robot controller via DeviceNet interface. The trend is towards more distributed IO systems communicating via CANbus networks, but also using sensors with … … HIL simulator consists of three subsections; 1) a simulation PC, 2) a hardware- gateway PC and 3 …