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  • Performing Strain Gauge Measurements Using Current
    is initiated. In the case of long. cables which might have significant capacitance, this delay can be increased using the MDn channel. option where n is the delay time in milliseconds. By default, the bridge excitation current is 2.500 mA,. but may be set for 200.0 μA if required. The 2.500 mA current
  • Cable Materials
    of concern, depending upon the applications,. experience touch-points well above 100°C. It's there that the damage. include the dielectric constant, which dictates loss, mutual capacitance. can happen. What damage?. (between conductors), impedance, velocity of propagation, etc. [Refer. to Technical Paper
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Nonetheless, cracking remains a predominant failure mode for these capacitors. The failures usually start as leakage failures and a loss in insulation resistance (IR) or in capacitance. Flexure damage readily appears in large-case-size MLCCs. It is much less obvious in small-case-size MLCCs located
  • MICRO: Products
    diaphragm sensor technology and an advanced digital microprocessor. Based on Baratron capacitance technology, the transducers ensure greater accuracy in lower pressure ranges than strain-gauge-based models. Their compact envelope (125 x 25 mm) and integrated rotatable LED meet the strict footprint
  • Measurements on a budget
    Software techniques now let ordinary digital multimeters gauge capacitance and inductance with a precision once reserved for expensive test instruments. 1-MHz constant current source and dc bias A simplified block diagram of the FlexDMM shows how software is used to measure the L and C of a DUT
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fourth Edition
    diagram, and function blocks are discussed in the chapter on digital fundamentals. The next chapters focus on the measurement principles and technologies for pressure, level, and temperature. Pressure measurements shown include Bourdon gages, potentiometers, capacitance, and strain gauges. Level
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    control capabilities, including proprietary integrated iMap radial scan technology, which provides incoming film-thickness profile information to control the bulk copper removal profile and endpoint detection. The Model 720 capacitance vacuum gauge, based on the variable capacitive sensor design
  • Medical Device Link .
    . * capacitance systems. * interferometry. * confocal gauges. * laser triangulation. A confocal gauge is a single point measuring probe, which means it is an easier replacement to make on a roundness platform than, for example, an interferometric (areal measurement) gauge. They also offer good lateral