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  • What is Capacitance?
    all provide continuous level measurement, the 9070 being a blind rack. mount instrument providing a 4-20 mA output signal, and 9050 Series providing a wall mount unit complete with. meter, alarm point(s), and a 4-20 mA output. 2) ON/OFF CONTROL. Single point, On/Off capacitance controls provide
  • Clamp Meters: Getting the Most-Needed Functions
    high-resolution readings? How fine are the differences that can be read by the meter? Some clamp meters offer voltage and current resolution as granular as 0.01mV and 10mA, as well as 0.01nF for capacitance, and 0.001Hz for frequency. Specialized measurements: Does the clamp meter support specialized
  • Tiltmeter Temperature Coefficients: Source, Definition and Use to Improve Accuracy
    Environmental temperature changes alter the mechanical and electrical characteristics of all instrumentation. Metals expand and contract, and electrical properties such as resistance and capacitance rise and fall. These effects change instrument output and lessen the accuracy of the measured
  • AN0006 Dielectric Ageing
    . <1nF = 1MHz. X7R (2C1). 1kHz. >25V = 1.0V. 1kHz. 0.5V. ≤25V = 0.5V. • Measuring Equipment and Measurement Uncertainties. Incorrect capacitance measurement can also be introduced as a result of either the. accuracy of the equipment and/ or measurement uncertainties. Measuring equipment
  • DC/DC CONVERTER Terminology and Basic Test Conditions
    DC/DC converters are complex electronic. subassemblies that can easily have over 50. parameters specified on a datasheet. Accuracy. testing is important not only at design stage. but also at production stage and incoming inspection. terminologyandbasicrevB DC/DC CONVERTER. Terminology
  • Medical Device Link .
    and diminutive size require that component tolerances be tighter than those of many other products. A key factor in the safety of these devices is impedance, the opposition to ac current flow offered by a device or circuit. A complex value made up of resistance, inductance, and capacitance, impedance can help
  • Using Microchip's Micropower LDOs
    of FIGURE 1: Adjustable LDO Feedback LDOs ideal for upgrading the LP2980 and MIC5205 Circuit. bipolar LDOs in cellular phones, pagers, PDAs, laptops, hand-held meters, and other portable The ADJ pin is a high impedance CMOS input. applications. Consequently, resistor values can be between 300 k? and R
  • MEMS Motion Sensors, the Solution for Harsh Environments in Defence Applications
    Systems and BAE Systems. Bofors, a Swedish defence company. and a subsidiary of BAE Systems Land. and Armaments. This product includes. a inertial control system with the goal. to increase accuracy and to minimize. collateral damages and to improve the. efficiency when complex terrain limits

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