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Parts by Number for Capacitive Level Sensor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM240311 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided PIC24F devices in 20 or 28-pins. ● Current measurement terminals allow device or board level current measurements. ● PICtail ™ daughter board connector for connection to expansion boards such as RF, SD/MMC Cards, Speech Playback and more. ● mTouch ™ capacitive sensing...
BC10-QF5.5-AP6X2/S932 Allied Electronics, Inc. TURCK Not Provided Sensor, Level, Capacitive, 10mm Range, 3 Wire, PNP, 10-30VDC, Covered Pot.
BC 3-M12-AN6 Allied Electronics, Inc. TURCK Not Provided Sensor, Capacitive, Level, M12, 3mm Range, 3 Wire, 10-30VDC, 2m, NPN, M2601102
BC 3-M12-AN6X-0.2M-RS 4T Allied Electronics, Inc. TURCK Not Provided Sensor, Level, Capacitive, Range: 3mm, 3-Wire, NPN, 12mm Embeddable Connector
SK1HT125FSJM18PO PLC Radwell Sensorik Sensors & Switches, Proximity Switch CAPACITIVE LEVEL SENSOR 18MM PNP NC
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  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    in a non-invasive manner. In most applications, it's virtually impossible to place sensing devices directly in the fluid pathway. ./24de8ea3-f1b7-4237-9fa5-6d0e331df16e Medical Liquid-level applications with. enhanced capacitive sensor technology. Accurate, automatic point level detection
  • Sensor Sense: Capacitive Slide Sensors
    Sensor Sense: Capacitive Slide Sensors In the last Sensor Sense we looked at capacitive touch switches used for on/off control. But these switches are also found in capacitive touch sliders that can control various levels, such as volume and light, or act as a rotary selector switch for channels
  • Sensor Sense: Capacitive Touch Sensors
    Many people mistake the growth in capacitive touch sensors as the adoption of new technology. But the fact is advances in mixed-signal programmable devices, those that combine analog and digital into a single package, have brought back this quite old technology and given it new life. The commercial
  • Capacitive sensors
    must become capacitive. Capacitive proximity sensors detect a wide variety of materials. For instance, capacitive sensors are often used to detect granular or powdered materials like plastic pellets in injection-molding hoppers. And intrinsically safe units sense the level of organic materials like
  • Capacitive Sensors Help Solve Difficult Level Applications (.pdf)
    cannot sense through. metal, applications that require liquid level detection. through a metal container wall require special sight. glass and tank well fi ttings for a capacitive sensor to be. effective. Generally, capacitive sensors have a wide sensitivity. band that makes them capable of performing
  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
    AN1104 Capacitive Multibutton Configurations inputs. The third approach creates an expandable Author: Keith Curtis system, which relies on multiplexing additional Microchip Technology Inc. sensors through an external analog multiplexer. Tom Perme Microchip Technology Inc. USING DEFAULT CAPACITY (R
  • Introduction to Capacitive Sensing
    , is configured for Q in. factors are in the application note, AN1102, “Layout. order to get the appropriate charging and discharging. and Physical Design Guidelines for Capacitive. behavior. Feedback resistor, R, forms the RC with the. Sensing”. sensor plate denoted as Cs. Now that we have an idea what
  • Capacitive Touch Algorithm Simulation (.pdf)
    This application note explains how to use the Microchip Capacitive touch Simulation Tool to customize sensing algorithms to a project's specific needs. It also helps determine the level of algorithm complexity required, based on the system's predicted environment. It assumes general knowledge

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