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  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    dielectric constants are common characteristics among all these liquids. This is why the. primary advantages of capacitive sensors lies in non-invasive liquid level detection, namely by creating a large. measurement delta between the low dielectric container walls (see relative dielectric constants
  • Capacitive Sensors Help Solve Difficult Level Applications (.pdf)
    cannot sense through. metal, applications that require liquid level detection. through a metal container wall require special sight. glass and tank well fi ttings for a capacitive sensor to be. effective. Generally, capacitive sensors have a wide sensitivity. band that makes them capable of performing
  • Measuring Transition Points in Liquids with Different Densities with Sensortechnics' Capacitive CLC and CLW Level Sensors
    . Measuring Transition Points in Liquids with Different Densities with. Sensortechnics’ Capacitive CLC and CLW Level Sensors. 2. OIL OVER WATER DETECTION. Teach-in procedure. 2.1 Continuous detection of the water level. 1. Attach the CLC sensor to the tank so that. in an oil tank. the tip
  • Capacitive sensors
    must become capacitive. Capacitive proximity sensors detect a wide variety of materials. For instance, capacitive sensors are often used to detect granular or powdered materials like plastic pellets in injection-molding hoppers. And intrinsically safe units sense the level of organic materials like
  • Unraveling the Complexities of Level Detection
    . as liquid. This. metallic electrodes (A and B) are placed in a feed-. allows capacitive. back loop of a high frequency oscillator (Figure. sensors to detect. 2). When no target is present, the sensor’s capaci-. the level of many. tance is low and the oscillation amplitude is small. materials directly
  • Case study: Gill's Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Sensor Developed for Continuous Mining Coal Shearing Machine
    was specified. The sensor uses proven capacitive measurement technology as used in other Gill liquid level sensors, giving a continuous output over the full depth of the transmission oil reservoir in real-time, giving the operator full vision of the level remaining. With full stainless-steel construction
  • Fluid-Trac Liquid Level Sensor For AdBlue Tanks
    This application note covers the Fluid-Trac (R) liquid level sensor used as a replacement for a standard 33-240 Ohm resistive float sender, reed-switch tube sensor, or capacitive tube sender in AdBlue tanks. Governments around the world are creating legislation to control and reduce the amount
  • Unraveling the Complexities of Level Detection (.pdf)
    such as plastic. or glass to detect higher dielectric materials, such as liquids. View industrial. products and their dielectric constants. This allows capacitive sensors to detect. the level of many materials directly through the wall of a plastic container, or by. utilizing a sight glass or tank

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