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DM160211 Digi-Key Microchip Technology Programmers, Development Systems KIT DEV MTOUCH PROJ CAPACITIVE

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  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    a patented new approach to capacitive. sensing technology to address these challenges in capacitive sensing technology. This paper will describe. non-invasive capacitive sensing technologies and their application in medical and pharmaceutical related. applications. Balluff, Inc. 8125 Holton Drive
  • Capacitive Discharge
    voltage. Jennings Technology - Technotes - Vacuum Relays, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Interruptors, High Voltage Capacitors, Gas Relays. Tech Notes Warranty RJ_B Soldering. Site Map. Capacitive Discharge. The prime concern in capacitive discharge circuits is the ability of the vacuum relay to handle
  • Capacitive Sensing with PIC10F
    This application note describes a method of implementing capacitive sensing on the PIC10F204/6 family of controllers. Microchip. Chinese Japanese English. Products. PIC (R) Microcontrollers. 8-bit PIC (R) MCUs. 16-bit PIC (R) MCUs & dsPIC (R) DSCs. 32-bit PIC (R) MCUs. Amplifiers & Linear
  • Introduction to Capacitive Sensing
    AN1101 Introduction to Capacitive Sensing A SHORT HISTORY Author: Tom Perme Microchip Technology Inc. While capacitive sensing has been around for more than 50 years, it is becoming increasingly easier to implement and more popular. A classic example of a INTRODUCTION capacitive switch is the Touch
  • Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing
    AN1103 Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing Initialization Author: Tom Perme Microchip Technology Inc. To begin, the hardware must be properly initialized. A detailed depiction of the proper settings for the PIC16F88X family is shown in Appendix A: "Register INTRODUCTION Settings
  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
    AN1104 Capacitive Multibutton Configurations inputs. The third approach creates an expandable Author: Keith Curtis system, which relies on multiplexing additional Microchip Technology Inc. sensors through an external analog multiplexer. Tom Perme Microchip Technology Inc. USING DEFAULT CAPACITY (R
  • Low-Power Capacitive Sensing with the Capacitive Sensing Module (.pdf)
    Capacitive Sensing with the Capacitive Sensing Module. The combination between the Capacitive Sensing. Author: Aurelian Floricica. Module and Timer1 leads to a normal decision to use. Microchip Technology Inc. the Toggle mode of the Timer1 gate. This means that,. on the first overflow of the WDT
  • Capacitive Touch Algorithm Simulation (.pdf)
    of Capacitive Touch sensing and a basic understanding of the software handling process. AN1254 Capacitive Touch Algorithm Simulation AN1254. Capacitive Touch Algorithm Simulation. WINDOWS. Author: Burke Davison. Microchip Technology Inc. There are two windows in which user input is required