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  • Capacitor Engineering Bulletin: Polarization and Leakage Current Characterizations of High Voltage, Film Capacitors
    materials and current conductors are highly stressed. The behavior of real capacitors deviates farthest from the ideal capacitor model during low-frequency transients such as during DC charging. This can impact the selection or design of compact charging power supplies, time delays between
  • Capacitor Formulas
    Formulas related to capacitors.
  • Capacitor Manufacturing
    Potting small and large capacitors using a fast setting, plural component urethane.
  • Capacitors in Parallel
    In high current circuits, it is normal to parallel two or more vacuum capacitors. Care must be taken, due to the low loss of the vacuum capacitors and the heavy copper straps paralleling the capacitors, to ensure that the frequency of this series high-Q resonant circuit is above the operating
  • Hybrid (R) Capacitor Applications
    . Resistance plots are introduced as an aid to designing capacitors and comparing capacitor. perfonnance.
  • Understanding Polymer and Hybrid Capacitors
    Capacitors may seem simple enough, but specifying them has actually grown more complex in recent years. The reason why comes down to freedom of choice. The universe of capacitors has expanded greatly over the past few years, in large part because of advanced capacitor designs based on conductive
  • Motor Run Capacitors
    This technical paper discusses the larger motor-run capacitors (330 VAC to 440 VAC. and 20 to 50 µF) for 1/4- to 1-Hp motors. It covers some of the evolving liquid-filled. polymeric film capacitor technology advances which are continuing to improve motor-run capacitor efficiency. The article
  • AN0021 Tandem Capacitors
    Tandem Capacitors have been designed as a fail safe range using a series section internal design, for use in any application where short circuits would be unacceptable. A single. Tandem capacitor can also be used in applications where two capacitors placed in series are specified, reducing board
  • High Energy Capacitor Overview
    prototyping. This document will review the available technologies used by GAEP and the applications for which they are most appropriate. Type C capacitors are large capacitors in fabricated, welded steel cases. Typical Type C capacitor cases range from 7-1/4 x 14 x 25 inches to 12 x 16 x 28-1/2 inches
  • AN0022 Open Mode Capacitors
    of failure with standard capacitors is directly attributable to bending of the printed circuit board (PCB) after solder attachment. Excessive bending will create mechanical crack(s) within the ceramic capacitor. Mechanical cracks, depending upon severity, may not cause capacitor failure during the final

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