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  • Filament Winding Machines-Image
    Filament Winding Machines - (30 companies)
    Filament winding machines place or wind continuous fibers on a mandrel surface in a precise geometric pattern. They are central components in fabric and composite material manufacturing. Filament winding machines place or wind continuous fibers... Learn More
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    Capacitor Assembly Machines - (5 companies) capacitor type. Choices include capacitor assembly machines for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, tantalum capacitors, power capacitors, and ultracapacitors. Capacitor winding... Learn More
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    Capacitors - (1295 companies)
    ...accelerators, detonators, cold forming. Capacitor applications. Table credit: Wikipedia. Specifications. Fixed vs. Variable. Capacitors can feature either fixed or variable capacitance. Fixed capacitors simply have a fixed, nonadjustable capacitance value... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Metal Coil Winding and Unwinding Equipment-Image
    Metal Coil Winding and Unwinding Equipment - (112 companies)
    ...the machine. They use hydraulic valves for control over the coil traverse. Speed, coil diameter, and wire gauges are important specifications to consider when selecting all types of metal coil winding and unwinding equipment. Metal coil winding and metal... Learn More
  • Web Winders, Rewinders, and Unwinders-Image
    Web Winders, Rewinders, and Unwinders - (340 companies)
    Web Winders, Rewinders and Unwinders Information. Web winders, web rewinders and web unwinders are used for winding, rewinding, and unwinding webs made of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textiles. These automatic machines are designed to handle web... Learn More
  • Electrical Coil Winding Machines - (54 companies)
    Electrical coil winding machines are used to wind coils for motors, transformers, inductors and chokes. Coil winding equipment is used in a variety of wire winding, wire welding, and wire bonding applications. Some electrical coil winding machines... Learn More
  • AC Motors - (1352 companies) it is started. The combination of the ambient temperature and the allowed temperature rise equals the maximum winding temperature in the motor. Operating a motor in environments above the rated temperature will result in a derating of the motor continuous... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spring Winding Services - (291 companies)
    Spring winding services providers fabricate springs to specifications supplied by their customers, often providing design assistance. How to Select Spring Winding Services. Spring winding services fabricate springs to specifications supplied... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrical Winding Services - (399 companies)
    ...for the generation of electricity. An electrical winding service includes various machines such as an alternator, generator, stator, and AC/DC motor. AC/DC motors incorporate single/multiphase, universal, servo, induction, synchronous, and gear motor... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • DC Motors - (1186 companies)
    ...quickly. Figure 3 - Typical torque speed curve for series wound motors, with high torque at low speed. Graph Credit: Baldor Electric Company. Compound wound motors are designed with both series and shunt winding for constant-speed applications requiring... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...the context of the application. Motor Commutation: The most common source of EMI problems is the commutation of motors. At each commutation point, when the brush breaks contact with a commutator segment, the energy stored in the motor winding as a magnetic field causes an arc or voltage spike between...

...sensor nodes takes an innovative approach to an established form of electricity generation: energy harvesting, examples of which include solar power and self-winding watches. We wanted to look at using motion, like the movement of the body or the movement of internal organs, to provide energy...

...of power from the stator to the rotor through. electromagnetic induction. No slip rings or brushes are required since the. load currents in the rotor conductors are induced by transformer action. The induction motor is, in effect, a transformer - with the stator winding. being the primary winding...

Malmaison, France. Dc servomotors Brushless dc servomotors are designed for space-critical applications where reliability and the capability to withstand harsh environments are desired. Self-supporting skew winding and a rare earth magnet enhance acceleration and torque performance while...

...of a tag. reader’s RF carrier amplitude. The RF link behaves. essentially as a transformer; as the secondary winding. 2. A tag enters the RF field generated by the. (tag coil) is momentarily shunted, the primary winding. reader. Once the tag has received sufficient. (reader coil) experiences...

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