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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
A104474666 Radwell Ranco Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control CONTROL WATER COOLER CAPILLARY 48INCH
700000341 Radwell Waters Mfg Machine Parts, Hose and Tubing ESI STAINLESS STEEL CAPILLARY TUBE

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  • Effects of Sample Disturbance on Soil Water Potential Measurements (.pdf)
    effects and relate them to the range of water potential of the soil sample. A soil is often modeled as a bundle of capillary tubes with a wide range of pore sizes.
  • The Best of Pittcon 2007
    with company founder Jim Waters, Meanwhile, fellow Silver winner Paraytec s ActiPix capillary-based UV absorbance detectors and spectrophotometers use a patented technology to extend the use of UV Vis. The ActiPix D100 combines the self focusing capabilities of fused silica capillaries with
  • Moisture Sorption Isotherm Method (.pdf)
    The relationship between water activity (aw) and moisture content at a given temperature is called the moisture sorption isotherm. This relationship is complex and unique for each product due to different interactions (colligative, capillary, and surface effects) between the water and the solid
  • Ensuring Better Control of Granulation
    of the liquid/air interface and the hydrostatic suction pressure in the liquid bridge. When all the air has been displaced from between the particles, the capillary state is reached, and the particles are held by capillary suction at the liquid/air interface. The funicular state represents
  • MICRO:Tech Emergent
    the damage associated with surface tension and capillary forces. At the same time, scCO 's gaslike properties facilitate its removal, obviating residue concerns. The effect of using a standard aqueous-based chemistry versus an scCO formulation to remove residues from fragile structures is highlighted
  • MICRO:Extreme Silicon by Peng Sun, p.41 (April '99)
    effects on device fabrication. Unfortunately, methods for measuring nonmetallic ions at the ultratrace levels found on wafer surfaces lag behind the industry's demands. Recent research in this area has focused on using ion chromatography (IC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE). Figure 1: Schematic
  • "Hare's Looking at You, Kid. "
    which piece it attaches to, a microfabrication technique known as self-assembly. Capillary forces the same forces that drive water upward in plants pull the pieces together. The prototype lens does not correct the wearer 's vision, but the technique could be used on corrective lenses, Parviz says
  • Felt Seals
    . Wool felt seals, in a dry state, are highly effective as filters in removing particles of 0.7- m size and larger. When saturated in lubricants, even smaller particles are trapped and retained. Capillary properties of a felt seal ensure lubrication after long idle periods. Storage capacity is largely

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