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  • Gas Tank Lid Monitoring Sensor (.pdf)
    closure of an. sensor causing the contacts to open which activated an alarm. assortment of different lids and/or caps. Re. R e. e d. e. d Se. S n. e s. n o. s r. o s. r. s ar. a e. r. e Id. I e. d a. e l. a. l fo. f r. o. r Se. S n. e s. n i. s n. i g. n. g Ga. G s. a. s Li. L d. i. d an. a d. n. d Ga. G
  • Medical Device Link .
    Force and torque testing is offered for packaging design and production applications. The Vortex-i unit measures torque for screw closures, caps, and lids. The tests can identify slip and bridge torque of tamper-evident closures, determine the release torque of vacuum closures, measure the peak
  • Application Methods
    . The applicator brush smoothly and accurately wipes the label onto the product 's surface. Application Types. Top - The label is placed on a product from above. Applications include clam shell containers, cartons, DVD cases, & container caps or lids. It can be easily integrated into production lines. Side
  • Medical Device Link .
    FPCCL-12H processes a wide variety of glass and plastic containers including microtubes, plugs and tips, screw caps, and brush-tip caps at a rate of up to 60 cycles per minute. The unit also inserts rubber stoppers into serum vials. Chase-Logeman Corp., Greensboro, NC. Copyright
  • EPA Issues Guidance Document for Closed Containers
    of these problems. Containers storing liquid hazardous wastes in SAAs are considered to be closed when, "all openings or lids are properly and securely affixed." The EPA acknowledges, however, that it isn't always practical to secure bolt rings or bung caps several times a day, and suggests
  • Nutrient Media - The Basis for Reproductible Results
    be allowed to cool. their caps sealed with adhesive tape. in a sloping position so that a larger surface of the. medium becomes available (= sloping agar). Filling can. then take place either manually using a dispenser or by. means of a peristaltic pump.
  • RotaBolt (R) specified for Dow Corning's new Chinese plant
    . Radolid (R) Caps. RotaBolt (R) Vision. RotaBolt (R) 1. a solution. (C) All content copyright of James Walker 2013. an embado solution. (C) 2013 All contents copyright of James Walker 2013. LOGIN | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | COOKIES | CONTACT US | INTRANET | FEEDBACK |
  • Joint integrity success at nuclear plant
    . RotaBolt®. RotaBolt (R) 2. Radolid (R) Caps. RotaBolt (R) Vision. RotaBolt (R) 1. Valve maintenance. Valve repacking and repair. Valve refurbishment. Valve Refurbishment Services. Valve refurbishment. Valve repacking and repair. a solution. (C) All content copyright of James Walker
  • Selecting the Right Hinge
    with cover caps that keep the hinge literally clean while also giving it a clean look. So that's a quick overview of some of the options when you select a hinge. For more assistance in determining the best option for your application, contact our Technical Sales Associates at 800-877-8351. J.W. Winco
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as the caps of fertility-test kits or complete IVD housings to be molded from dessiccant material. Also by using the polymers, manufacturers can streamline workflow by eliminating the need for dessiccant insertion, foil pouching, or carton packaging. The company can print important information