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Parts by Number for Captive Fastener Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
D9-5-22-M ASAP Semiconductor WAVE FASTENERS Not Provided CAPTIVE SCREW M3x11.3
4341 Digi-Key Keystone Electronics Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories BLIND CAPTIVE NUT 1/4"
4342 Digi-Key Keystone Electronics Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories BLIND CAPTIVE NUT 5/16"
4343 Digi-Key Keystone Electronics Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories BLIND CAPTIVE NUT 13/32"
NUT CAPTIVE NO4 PK10 ASAP Semiconductor DURATOOL Not Provided NUT, CAPTIVE, #4, PK100; Thread Size - Metric:M4; Fastener Mater
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  • Captive Nuts
    Captive, or self-retained, nuts are multiple-threaded fasteners used on many thin materials. They are good in blind locations, and can generally be attached without damaging finishes. Captive nuts can be attached in a number of ways, and designers should consider what tools or systems are needed
  • Four Things Engineers Must Know About Locking Fasteners to Keep Their Products and Careers in the Fast Lane
    . face surface. Some elaborately machined fasteners. the best locking fastener or tooling for the application. such as spanner nuts, collar nuts, or captive washer. Among these are an online Tap Selection Tool; Torque. nuts can also be useful in specialized engineered ap-. Calculator; Drill and Hole
  • Automotive stainless fastener needing high corrosion resistance.
    The customer needed to brighten the parts,. but also needed to enhance the corrosion resistance because. of the application and environment. The unique. problem associated with this part is that the washer is. captive but not attached to the head of the screw. With the assembly comprised of two
  • Thread Galling - What is it? How to Avoid it.
    . CREDIT. CHAT. E-SERVICES. RFQ. CALL US TOLL-FREE: 1.877.285.2181. CONTACT ASM. By Part No.: By Keyword: Bushings. Captive Screws & Assemblies. Handles / Ferrules. Locking Fasteners. Nuts. Panel Screw Retainers. Screws - Standard, Set, Stud. Spacers. Springs. Standoffs / Adapters. Thumb Screws
  • Designing inside the box
    reusable. Self-clinching fasteners don't suffer such limitations. They install quickly and permanently, eliminate extra hardware, and ease access and serviceability. The use of captive screws keeps loose hardware from falling into power supplies or circuitry. Self-clinching fasteners become part
  • Demystifying the European
    Requirements for the Industrial Automation and Semiconductor Markets. 3. - All removable covers/guards must be secured with “captivefasteners, which remain attached either to the. machine or the guard when removed. - The manufacturer must prepare a risk assessment for the machine
  • Designing For Manufacturing: Don't Forget the access hardware
    , hinges, and fasteners Changing the pawl and how it attaches gives engineers a range of grip sizes with the same latch. Grip size includes the width of the door and the frame. Captive screws secure panels and minimize loose hardware during installation, operation, and maintenance. Hinges can be mounted
  • The Lowdown On Lean Fastening
    overcoming thin-metal attachment challenges. They provide permanent and reusable load-bearing threads in sheets too thin to be tapped or where extruded or stamped threads would be impractical. Notable self-clinching fastener product families include nuts, studs, spacers and standoffs, captive screw